Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Champs!

My team did it! They won the superbowl and without Brett Farve. I have never been a fan of Farve. Growing up in WI and constantly hearing about whether or not he was going to retire, his pain killer addiction and him cheating on his wife was enough to make me lose all respect for him. Granted he was a great football player but enough is enough all ready and I was more than happy when he left the Packers. And it doesn't help that I'm in love with Aaron Rodgers!

So last night I went to my neighbors for a superbowl party. I thought Lea Michelle did an amazing job but Christina? First of all I love her and she has an amazing voice but cmon what was she wearing and to mess up the lines? Oh well maybe she was nervous

But the worst part of the superbowl was halftime. I do like Black Eyed Peas music but ice heard them live a few times and they are not good. Fergie in particular sounds awful. Last night was no exception. I hear the mics weren't working but I don't think if they were that would have made a difference! I was so excited when Slash came on playing one of my favorite songs but then Fergie butchered it! Way to ruin a classic

But that's just my opinion. I'm not a performer nor a professional singer and I would sound horrible if I got up on stage and sang in front of millions.

And no matter what I though of the halftime show my team still won. Now if only u were back in WI and could attend the Packer parade tomorrow!

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  1. Totally agree with you about the half time show!

  2. Yayyy Packers! And I agree, who messes up the national anthem? Lol but she covered it well:-)

  3. I agree on every single count! I can't believe the NFL paid for that halftime show.

  4. I totally agree! I think the black eyed peas are catchy and I enjoy listening to them on the radio, but they were pretty awful. And watching them really made me wonder what those other two guys do? They don't seem to actually have a purpose in the group.

  5. I completely agree with you on everything. I was disappointed with the halftime show and "the time of my life" song should be left alone and not tampered with because they butchered it. I am not a regular Packers fan but was rooting for them to win, especially for Aaron Rodgers. :)

  6. Totally agree...Fergie ruined Sweet Child of Mine. Not good.