Monday, January 27, 2014

Girl's Night

Last weekend I threw a birthday party for a good friend of mine. My friends bday fell a week before her due date and when she was 34 weeks the baby was already measuring 2 weeks ahead. Trying to plan a party for someone who could literally have gone into labor at any time was a little difficult. Originally we had wanted to have a spa party but our friend that does pedicures was going to be out of town the weekend of the party. Dinner out somewhere was out of the question due to my friend being so uncomfortable. So we decided on a girls night in. Everyone came over in their pajamas or sweats, bought a dish and drink to pass and we all just hung out talking the night away. We also intended on playing some games and watching a movie but you get a group of 10 girls together who all like to talk and those things never happened. The night was a total success. And 4 days later my friend had her beautiful baby girl. ( Cue baby fever)

My valentines décor also added to the party decorations

So blessed to have great friends!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! Good girl friends are so hard to come by anymore. :) So I love seeing this.