Saturday, April 24, 2010


I decided to do a post about my little foster dog since so many of you have asked questions about him.

I named the little guy Tank. The vet estimated that he is about 10 weeks old and they listed him as a german shepherd. They also said he may have some lab in him but there not sure.
My brother's girlfriend booked Tank's plane ticket and he will be leaving me Monday morning at 6am. I have to admit I'm gonna miss the little guy. The first night I had him he had me up every 2 hours howling at the top of his little puppy lungs. My poor neighbors must be so irritated. He is very good though at running to the door when he wants to go outside. Out of all the puppy toys I bought him he prefers to chew my dog's rawhides lol. It is funny to see them all play. My oldest lab who is 3 hates him. She follows me around constantly and needs constant attention as if to ask for reassurance that I still love her. My one year old lab likes having a play mate but she too acts like she's worried that I don't love her anymore.

Tank needs constant attention. If one of us step away from him he howls. If I take my dogs outside and leave the puppy inside he freaks out and he hates being put in his kennel!! But for the most part Tank is such a good puppy. He is such a little snuggle bug and he loves being around people and other dogs.

I have to admit that I'm getting attached to this little guy. If we lived in a house or had a yard we would def keep him. But with 2 80lb labs we just don't have the room. I am very nervous about putting him on a plane and flying him to WI. It didn't help that the guy at Petsmart said that sometimes they don't pressurize the cargo holds and that dogs can die. Great. I know Tank is going to howl throughout the whole flight and he even has a layover. I will be anxious all day monday until I know he made it to WI safely I also know that I will probably burst into tears after dropping him off!

Have any of you ever flown with a dog or shipped a dog before?


  1. I've never flown with a dog so I really don't know much about it, but we had to give one of our dogs "doggie downers" in the past because he had bad seperation anxiety. You can try giving him one of those for his flight.

  2. We had our Sheltie flown to us from the breeder. He arrived with no problems!

  3. When you fly them and they have layovers, is there some say for them to use the bathroom??

  4. Congrats on the doggie! I have two friends who have had their dogs flown...They both actually have blogs. I believe they've written about it in their blogs and here are the links. My friend Chantal shipped her dog to Hawaii (she didn't travel with hers) and her blog is: My other friend Dana traveled & shipped her Great Dane to Germany. This was pretty recently and her blog is:

    They both had no issues with their dogs on a plane :)

    Oh and I wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award!

  5. I've never shipped a dog but I did foster one, then a week later when we found him a home, I was a wreck, I had gotten attached to the pup pretty quickly.