Friday, April 13, 2012


Making the decision to become a stay at home mom wasn't an easy one. It was def one we sat down and discussed for awhile.
In fact before having a baby I never wanted to be a SAHM. I worked hard through college working on my degree and then later on establishing my professional career. And with a crap load of student loans I knew that making the decision to stay at home wasn't going to be an easy one

But it was the best one. Since Gianna has been born the hubs has been gone 4 months out of her 8. That's 4 months of me being a single parent 24/7. And each time he's left and came home has been an adjustment period for Gianna. I knew that being married to someone in the military was hard. Having children with someone in the military is harder. One parent is always coming or going, working crazy shifts and gone for long periods on end. The hubs and I decided we wanted at least one constant in our child's life. So we decided I wouldn't go back to work. It's been hard. Going from two good incomes down to one has been an adjustment. We are budgeting for the first time ever and our lifestyle has changed greatly. But I wouldn't regret it for the world

When I worked I thought SAHM's were lazy. Ha I laugh at myself back then. I'm more exhausted now than ever. With a child that barely sleeps, and being 3 months pregnant I don't know how I make it through the day. It's def difficult staying home. More difficult than I thought. And yes some days I do wish I was working and I desolately need a break from my child. But then she reaches for me and smiles at me and I melt. It's all worth it

And I def don't think being a working mom is easy. I can't imagine working full time again and then coming home to be a full time mom. Your job truly never ends. You leave one to go to another. Major props!

So in the end this whole SAHM debate is pointless. Each choice is hard and one that every individual has to make. We should all just support each other as moms. Whether we work or stay at home it's a decision left for every family to make.

I do disagree however that being a SAHM makes you unaware of the economic crisis going on in the world or that we can't relate to those in the work force. I can because I did work and established myself in my field. Now I just made a different choice to benefit my family. And I think that's honorable. Will I be out of the work force forever. No.

And I do feel that no matter what decision one makes you will always feel guilty about not choosing the other option. Such is life

But I support all moms. Working and SAHM. Each is hard in and of itself. So let's support each other instead of bringing each other down

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  1. I love this post. I would love to be a SAHM when our baby comes, but it's just not in the works for our lifestyle and what we have going on. A friend of mine was bashing working moms the other day and how women who wanted to have a successful career/work outside of the home were selfish and that they shouldn't have children because you don't have children for someone else to watch them. The statement to me was really hurtful. Like you, I respect both the working moms and the SAHM (who still works).

  2. you're 3 months pregnant?????? did i miss an announcement? congrats!!!

  3. I couldn't agree more… The choice to stay at home or go back to work is a deeply personal one, and either way, we feel guilty. I think you are AWESOME! I can't imagine chasing my 8 month old around at the end of my first trimester with #2! Major props to you, lady! Hope you're getting SOME rest. Xoxo!

  4. My hubby is in the military too, so I can definitely relate with wanting there to be a constant in your child's life. Initially, I went back to work after my maternity leave ended after I had Carley. I think I lasted maybe a month at work before I wanted to stay home with her. It took me another month and a half for us to go through everything, seeing how living on one income would be, and then for me to work up the courage to tell my boss and staff (whom I adored). But, I will say as challenging as it has been at times, it has been just as rewarding. Congratulations on making a decision one way or another. And you're right, the debate will always be there and, as a community of moms, we need to support one another no matter what we choose, because in the end, we're all doing what's best for our family.

  5. I admire SAHMs! I would love to be one one day, but I picked a career that makes that impossible. Honestly, I think I did that on purpose, because I know I could never hack it as a SAHM!