Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shark week and Breastfeeding

Today Shark week 2013 starts! i am obsessed with shark week.

I don't know why seeing as I can't step foot into the ocean without searching the water around me for sharks. Even now, two years after moving to the Fl coast I still don't venture out into the water past my knees. My waist may be pushing it. And if people are fishing nearby or there are jumping fish in the water, forget it. I won't go in

Now I'm sure some of you are wandering what Shark week has to do with Breastfeeding. And the answer is nothing. But to me the two are related. Here is why. When shark week 2011 aired I was a new mom. Gianna was just 2 weeks old and I was still trying to figure it all out. I was recovering from a c-section, sleeping on the couch at night and I had a newborn who nursed constantly. And who had her days and nights confused. The days and nights started blending together and I was totally unprepared as to the constant demand and full time job that was Breastfeeding

Around the 2 week mark Gianna hit a fussy patch. She wanted to nurse all the time and was never satisfied. At this time my whole family came and rented a house down in Destin. Every day I drove to spend time with them and relax by the pool. This was not possible due to Gianna's constant needs and I remember getting frustrated and irritated that I had to spend hours inside nursing a fussy baby when everyone was outside having a good time.

One day as I was nursing in my parents bedroom shark week was on. And as I succumbed to the fact that having a baby and nursing was the perfect time to start putting my selfish needs aside, I started to relax. And learn to really and truly enjoy nursing. For the rest of the week I spent every nursing hour watching shark week and snuggling with my newborn baby girl. And now that's a week I will treasure forever. Every time shark week previews air I'm taken back to those newborn days, her little cries, her baby smell and long days and nights spent snuggling on the couch figuring it all out together. So while to many of you shark week doesn't conjure up images of Breastfeeding to me it means so much more.

2 week old Gianna

Happy shark week everyone

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  1. awwww, this is so sweet Katie. I have a phobia of great white sharks from watching "Jaws" too young (7 yrs old). Hahaha. But I get the sentiment. ;)

  2. Interesting post, glad to read your thoughts on this subject!

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