Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mommy Intuition

Never mess with Mommy intuition. It's usually never wrong. Sure I've freaked out and taken the kids to urgent care for what I thought was chicken pox and it turned out to only be a viral infection. Or a few weeks ago Ethan was fussier than usual and I took him to the dr for what turned out to be nothing more than a severe diaper rash. However usually my instincts are right

We left for Panama City beach last Thursday and that night Ethan just seemed off. He barely slept but I just chalked it up to being in a new setting and teething. (He's getting in 5 teeth at once) the next few days he seems fussier than usual, a little warm but nothing too concerning. I just kept giving him Tylenol, teething tablets and Mum Mum's, his favorite snack

Yesterday morning he was beyond fussy. I took him for numerous walks yesterday, kept alternating Tylenol and Motrin and did whatever I could to make him feel better. We still chalked it up to teething and being off schedule. The husband rocked him to sleep at 530 and other than giving him a bottle and Tylenol around midnight he slept through the night.

Ethan usually wakes up around 6 and when 8 rolled around and he was still sleeping I was concerned. I checked on him
But he didn't feel warm, breathing was fine and he seemed ok. So while the husband stayed home I went to the grocery store

At the grocery store I felt off. I kept having mini anxiety attacks and I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. So I hurried home. It was about 1030 and Ethan was still sleeping . The minute I touched his head he stirred and cried out as if in pain. He didn't feel too warm but I took him outta his crib and took his temp. 105.6. So off to the Er I sped

At this point Ethan hadn't eaten in a few hours, had a completely dry diaper and was bringing up. He moved as if in pain and was beyond lethargic. After a long wait in the waiting room we were seen. Chest X-rays were ordered which confirmed a mild case of pneumonia although aside from his fever nothing else coincided with his diagnosis. Now at 230 he still hasn't eaten, gone to the bathroom or stayed awake for a long period of time

A catheter was put in which produced nothing. An iv was the next step to pump him with fluids. Multiple times 3 different nursed tried to get an iv in. It took one nurse doing the iv, two more plus me holding him down and still nothing. His poor dehydrated veins kept rolling. After an hour of this, and multiple poke marks on both arms we took him up to the peds unit where the peds nurses worked their magic and an hour later produced blood samples and got an iv in. Hearing my baby scream behind closed doors, knowing I couldn't go in their to help was torture

After all that we went back to the er to wait while Ethan got fluids. Finally he went pee! His urine was tested and everuthing major was ruled out so the first diagnosis of pneumonia was what we left with.

Tomorrow I have to follow up with our dr and take it from there. Tonight I will be sleeping in my sons room and waking him up often to pump him with fluids and medicine.

I never should have doubted my instincts. I knew something was wrong but didn't want to be that paranoid parent. So always always listen to your instincts. They usually won't fail you

I'm just beyond grateful that my son is ok

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  1. Mommy instincts are real! Hope that your little man has a speedy recovery!!

  2. i am SO happy he is OK and yes... this mommy instinct is scary REAL! never doubt it! good job, momma!