Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who Loves to Shop

Every once in awhile I get the urge to totally redecorate my house. Last year around this time the hubs was gone and I spent every weekend shopping for new things for the house. Hobby Lobby, Pier 1, Kirklands and Marshalls are some of my favorite stores to hit up for home furnishings and decorations. Now I'm feeling the need to redecorate again though this time I probably should hold off since we will be moving in a few months and then hopefully I will have our first house to decorate

A few weekends ago we did get some new things for our house. A new tv and a new bed! Woohoo. That got me started on the need to redecorate. One thing that we have been meaning to get are barstools. We have this gorgeous marble bar in our apt that overlooks the dining room and all that's missing are the stools. We have been looking for some to purchase but haven't come across any that we really like.

So while I'm going to hold off on new furniture for the apt until we move I still always love shopping for new appliances and home furnishings for our apt. And what's even better is that I was contacted to do a product review for CSN Stores. Such perfect timing since I am on a shopping kick for some new stuff for the house. Now I just have to decide what to pick. I can't wait!


  1. Oh goodness, I love to shop especially for my house! I have already told my husband that once he deploys next year I will be redecorating the house lol. He just nods and smiles :)

  2. Oh, Katie, have I good news for you! I was at the gym today when I overheard some people talking about "the fair" and I was thinking the State Fair, but I knew that couldn't be right either because it already ended for the year.

    Soon found out about the Holly Day Fair at the Crown Expo Center! It's going to be from Thursday, Nov. 4th until Sunday, Nov. 7th. I went to something like this a couple of years ago in Myrtle Beach and I scored BIGTIME on my Christmas shopping! The one here is supposed to be even bigger than MB!

    Here's the website if you are interested: