Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Proud of my Soldier

We found out this past weekend that the Hubby will be promoted on November 1st. We knew back in March that he had made the promotion list but have been waiting for his number to come up. And it finally did! I am so proud of my soldier and how far he has come in his career.

Another thing that excites me about this promotion is the ceremony. The hubs had been in the army for five years already when we met so I never was able to attend any promotion or enlistment ceremonies that he had. I never attended his graduation from basic or any other school since we were not together at that point so this promotion ceremony is not only important to him but to me as well. It is my opportunity to show him that I support him in all he does and will continue to do.
I am very excited to participate in my first official army ceremony or function because even after 2.5 years of marriage I have yet to attend one. Every ball that has been put on we missed due to deployments and most of the units functions are for the families. You can bet I am going to buy a brand new outfit for this event

Though thinking about the ceremony also makes me nervous. What exactly do I wear? I don't want to be over dressed but I don't want to be under dressed either. And should I give him a gift? Yes he has had promotions before but this is his first since we have been together. I thought of getting him something cute and personal but I have exhausted all options since he has every cute and personal gift I can think off. Then I thought of getting him something he would really love but in the past few weeks he bought a new tv, an iPod and a car so what can I get that tops that

So to you mil spouses that have been through this before. What did you wear to your husbands promotion ceremonies? Did get him a gift and if so any good ideas?
I'd appreciate all your help!

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  1. Yayyy congrats to the hubs! When my husband was promoted to 1LT I was so nervous I made his Dad do the pinning and I just did the velcro bit on the uniform because I knew there was no way I could screw that up! I just wore a simple long sleeve top but with a pencil skirt and heels and then I bought soft drinks and a huge cake to share out with all of the soldiers after. my FIL told me to do that and he was in the Army 26 yrs so I trust him otherwise I wouldnt have had a clue!

  2. We were both in Iraq when my husband got promoted so I wore my finest ABUs (gross) BUT I think I would wear a cute dress (like you would wear to church with a cardigan or something) or some nice pants and heels.
    I was totally unprepared for his commander to ask me if I wanted to say something - I definitely gave my husband the stink eye at that point for not preparing me for that. I'd just be prepared with things to say even if it's not in front of the group - people are gonna ask you how proud you are and what do you think of the new rank and yadda yadda.
    You could have a coin made for him for a gift...something to carry in his pocket to remember you and the event. Or give your camera to someone who isn't afraid to get a good picture and then get it framed for his desk...

  3. When my hubby got promoted to 1LT I just wore black pants and a sweater (it was in november). As far as a gift when he got promoted this year I got him a dart board with his college logo on it. :) Good luck! Congrats to you and your hubby!!

  4. I was on my way to work for my hubs' re-enlistment ceremony, so I was in dress pants and a nice top. It we weren't in Maine in the dead of winter, I probably would've worn a dress, but I just couldn't bear to bare my pale legs :)

    Like Allison mentioned, I had no idea they would ask me to say something! I felt a little caught off guard, but I'm not one for public speaking.

    I'm sure you will look great! Congrats to your husband!

  5. Congrats on the promotion! I would wear a nice semi-businessy dress but that's just me. I always wear businessy clothes to OccDoc's Army things, which pretty much have consisted of potlucks at his clinic and graduation upon graduation. I would do a gift, but I would get something you can enjoy together. That's me, I'm sneaky like that. I took OccDoc to DisneyWorld for medical school, I don't remember what we did after intern year, but we went hang gliding for his residency graduation. That was fun and not too terrifying. How about a hot air balloon ride?

  6. Congrats on the Promotion...My hubs has been on the list for a year and a half! His MOS has high points, its blows! I am the same with most of these girls...just something simple, and nice! But get something you'll actually wear again :) I dont know where your stationed so I dont know the weather but here where I am you could probably still wear a cute shorter summer dress, with a crop top on :) Have fun! :)

  7. Congrats on the promotion.

    As for the gift, if he's anything like my husband he isn't all that into gifts. So, what I do for memorable occassions is get him an ornament or something engraved with the date and his promotion.

    With his ceremony being in November I might do the Christmas ornament thing, that way you guys have it forever and it won't be up to him to make sure it stays safe. Being an ornament on the tree you can make sure it gets put away in a safe box.

    As for what to wear, I can't really help you with that. I actually haven't been to any of my husband's. He was either deployed, or the kids were too young to take out. His most recent promotion was pretty uneventful anyway, he advanced while in the reserves and they don't make a big deal out of it. So, after 12 years of being a milwife I still haven't been to any. Sorry, I can't help you there.

  8. I wore a dress from a wedding a from 2 years ago to the dinner and then to the pinnin ceremony a wrap dress. As far as a gift. I never got him one. He was planning on getting new skis this year so we are counting that. Congrats to you and your husband.

  9. hubs has been in for 13 yrs and we've been married for 8 yet I've never been to a promotion ceremony. The past few have been extreme places (Iraq and Iwo Jima) and I keep teasing him that he has done that so I can't attend. He doesnt see the need in his mind for a ceremony, up his pay get some new chevrons, he's good to go so I don't have a damn lick of advice. But have fun!