Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Show Us Where You Live

I've seen alot of people doing this every week and decided to hop on the bandwagon even though I'm a little late. So here is a little tour of my apartment. We live in an apartment off post and for an apartment I am pretty happy. Though I am dreaming of when we pcs in a few months and we are able to finally buy our first home! Then I can decorate exactly how I want. But for now enjoy the tour of our home!

Our Front Porch-decorated for Halloween. We live on the first floor and our porch overlooks the volleyball court which basically acts as a kids playground so I didn't put out as many decorations as I would have liked but I still think it looks cute

Walking into our front door

I wanted to add a decorative console but there isn't enough room. To the right of our entryway we have our laundry room and to the left we have our kitchen

For an apartment kitchen I think it's great!The kitchen looks out into the dining and living room. I don't have pictures of our dining room since it is covered in boxes from our bedroom furniture and tv

Our Living Room and some inside Halloween decorations

As you can see I tried taking pics from every angle!

This is our photo hallway which leads to our bedroom, guest bathroom and guest bedroom(aka the man room) which desperately needs to be organized but which we rarely straighten until we have company!

Here is a glimpse of our guest bathroom. I can never hang my towels straight hehe

Our Bedroom

I love our new headboard and footboard. I feel like such an adult!

Excuse the pile of laundry on my floor

Well hope you enjoyed my mini house tour!!


  1. AMAZING kitchen for an apartment! The house we're moving into in a few weeks has a kitchen HALF tht siza if I'm lucky! It's so tiny. I have been forced to have tiny kitchens in the few places I have lived outside the house I grew up in :(

    Cute place!

  2. Awww I love it, I want to visit! I have promised myself I will do a house tour soon

  3. Your kitchen is exactly like ours - I love it! And your little shelf when you walk in the front door is adorable :)

  4. LOVE it! I'm so jealous of your kitchen. In an apartment of all places!

  5. This is so GORGEOUS!! I LOVE the furniture in your living room and also, the pictures above the TV. Oh, you and I have the same bed comforter and (some) pillows :D

  6. Cute .. definitely love your decorating!! ♥

  7. I love the colors in your bedroom!

  8. your window decorations are cute!!

  9. I LOVE seeing pictures of people's houses and was so excited when you told me about this! I love that we have similar tastes :) Which I totally already assumed! haha

  10. I LOVE your kitchen!!! And I love the colors in the bedroom. Looks like a very nice apartment!

  11. I love this and your house! You have an awesome kitchen for an apartment!

  12. Your place is super cute!! I love that wall decor by the front door.