Monday, October 11, 2010

The Story of a 4 Runner

I am not afraid to admit that I have never been a car person. I no nothing about cars and don't really care what make, model or year a car is as long as it takes me from point A to point B. The first car I drove was my parent's van until I finally received a car of my own. A 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass. It was a boat of a car with an electronic dashboard that never worked. Often times landing me in the middle of the road with no gas although the gas tank read full. My second car I got in 2004, it was a 2002 Ford Focus and I bought it for 4 grand from a car rental place. I loved that car

My hubby on the other hand loves cars. When he got back from his deployment in 2007 he bought himself a brand new 2008 Toyota 4 Runner. I met him shortly after he bought that car and I must admit it was very nice. At the time he bought it however he took out the shortest length of loan possible with the highest payment possible. After all he was a single soldier with no bills. He wanted to be able to pay it off quickly.

I ruined all of his plans when Labor Day 2009 I was driving to work and got into a car accident totaling my Ford Focus. Since I drive at least 100 miles a day for work there was no way we could be a one car household. We started looking for cars and it became evident that we couldn't afford another car on top of his car payment. I had just started working and obviously as newlyweds starting out, funds weren't what we wanted. So we traded in his car getting me a 2007 Toyota Corolla and M a 2009 Honda Civic. Not a day has gone by that I haven't heard about how he had to give up his dream car and blah blah blah

So yesterday as we were trying to figure out what to do for the day, M suggested running by a dealership and looking at a Tahoe they had on the lot. We test drove it, loved it and decided to trade in his Civic. Well the monthly payment wasn't what we were hoping for so we decided to just go home and not trade in the car. Well once home M found a 4 Runner at another dealership which he fell in love with. It's a 2006, same body style as his old 4 Runner with the V8 engine and the towing package. It was love at first sight. M went and traded in his Civic on the spot. We are now proud owners of another 4 Runner. Which means I will never have to listen to him complain about how he gave up his SUV for me. So happy hubby equals happy wife!


  1. How exciting! I need a new car so bad because my car is a 99 honda civic that is about to die. I just cannot see us having two car payments! AHH. I have never had a car payment and do not look forward to it but I do look forward to have a nice new car someday soon! Congrats to you both on the new car!

  2. That's great! OccDoc loves cars and buys/trades them so much I lose track. In the almost 7 years I've know him he's had 4 or 5 cars and about 3 motorcycles (not at once). He sold everything before he deployed. I told him to give me a heads up if a new car was going to be delivered to the house while he's gone so I can clear space in the garage. Boys and their toys *shakes head* they never grow up, their toys just get bigger.

  3. I am one of the girliest girls you can find but I loveeee my cars and know more about them than the hubby so I am definitely the one thats always looking at car dealerships! I am glad you wont have to hear about the 4runner again and everyone is happy haha

  4. I've never been into cars, either. I drive a Buick for crying out loud!!!

    Congrats on the new ride :)

  5. haha love this story... I just got a 2006 4Runner v8 like 3 months ago! I LOVEEEEE it! My hubs loves it too. Good car choice :) I'm glad he got his "dream car" again!