Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Wind-Up

Why do the weekend's fly by so fast? I think the work week should be 3 days and the weekend should be 4. Oh well I will start work tomorrow already wishing it was Friday!!
So now for my weekend re-cap

Friday- The hubs and I babysat for out two favorite boys. Caden is 6 months and Bryce just turned 2. I kind of expected the hubby to zone in front of the tv and leave the babysitting to me but he was amazing. He played with both boys, even singing head, shoulder's, knees and toes and sat through episodes of Go Diego Go and the Backyardigans. He even changed his first diaper. After the kids went home for the night we both looked at each other and asked, Are you ready for this. We each responded Yes but I don't think you are! It def was a glimpse into the future with kids. And even though our TTC is on hold until after the deployment and PCS I def wish we were expecting and starting our own family

Saturday-M got up and went to work. I tried to do a yoga dvd in my living room but the furbabies weren't allowing it so I ended up taking them for a nice long walk instead. Then off I went to Rockfish church to see Sara Horn speak. She was amazing. I got so much out of listening to her. She gave many good tips about making it through a deployment, building a strong marriage and trusting in God when you are down. I also met a fellow blogger which was alot of fun
After the Sara Horn event the hubs and I rented some more scary movies such as Village of the Damned and the House of 1000 corpses. We then carved pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday night

Sunday-I got up early this morning and headed off to Church. I ended up going to Rockfish church for their mass. It was my first time at a Non-Denominational church. For the most part I really liked it although there are some things I will have to get used to.
After church the hubs and I ran to target and barnes and nobles. Now we are just relaxing before heading off to dinner where I am meeting up with another fellow blogger. I will post more on that tomorrow.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. I LOVE the weekends...I like your idea of shorter work weeks and longer weekends! Enjoy the rest of yours...:)