Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sara Horn is Coming to Fayetteville

I mentioned in my post this past Sunday that Sara Horn is coming to Fayetteville next weekend. Sara is the author of

I had purchased God Strong awhile ago and just started reading it this past weekend. By coincidence as I was researching churches in the area to attend I came across a Sara Horn event at a Non-Demoninational church close to my house.. I am so excited to hear her speak and thought I would share the information with all you ladies in the Bragg/Fayetteville and surrounding area's

The event is Saturday October 23 from 1-4 at Rockfish church which is located on raeford road. Check out Rockfish's website to register.
If anyone is interested or planning on going and want to meet me up, shoot me an email at I'd love to meet ya'll


  1. She is a lovely writer! So is Jocelyn Green :)

  2. ahhh and I'm mising it? Got room for a guest? I'm just teasin' I've love GOD STRONG and have always wanted to hear Sara Horn speak