Friday, October 15, 2010

Tattoo's and the Mil Spouse Weekly Roundup

Hey guys

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Tattoo's- I have 8 of them. Yes 8. Only one can be seen at all times and the rest are only visible if I'm wearing a swimsuit. Some I regret getting, other's I don't. But my favorite one is the one that is visible and I wanted to share the story behind it

Daniel Anthony was born in 1983 at 28 weeks weighing in around 2-3 pounds. He was born with some heart complications and at one month of age underwent open heart surgery. Shortly after the surgery he slipped into a coma. At 3 months of age while being held by his mom, he opened up his eyes for the first and last time. This is my older brother.

I always knew about my brother. I'm not really sure when my parents told me about him but I remember every night as a child talking to him after saying my prayers. I also have a younger brother and I envisioned my older brother and I ganging up on him. I was def a naive little girl because if my older brother would have been alive, I would have been the one being picked on. The one pic my parent's have of him remains on our fridge to this day. It was taken shortly after he was born. He is covered in cords from the various machines and wearing a diaper that is too big for him. To this day my parent's get choked up talking about him.

My brother Michael and I always talked about what we could do to commemorate him. A few years ago we decided to get tattoo's in his memory. I already had 7 tattoo's but decided to get one that finally meant something. I have always loved crosses and decided a rosary tattoo would be perfect. So off my brother and I went. He got this tattoo

My brother's initials are in the middle of the tattoo and underneath it is a saying in Latin that translates into Only God Can Judge Me

And my tattoo looks like this. I thought I had a pic of only the tattoo but I don't so this is the best one I could find

Not only is this tattoo important to me because it represents my older brother who I never got a chance to know, but it represents my bond with my younger brother. I don't really share the story of my tattoo. Most people just assume I'm Catholic when they see it. NO one really asks and I don't offer. But I wanted to share this story today. I also decided that my first son would be named after my brother. The hubs and I compromised and although we are not expecting yet we know our son's name will be without a doubt Ethan Daniel.


  1. What a sweet way to honor your brother. Have a great weekend!

  2. Did you know that today is national pregnancy and infant loss month. President Regan started it in 1983

  3. Did you know today, Oct 15th is national pregnancy and infant loss day

  4. What a beautiful story. The connection it shows to both your brothers is lovely. :) Thank you for sharing it!

    Awesome name for your future son as well (my dear nephew - sunshine of my world - is named Ethan)! Honoring your histories when you name a child is an amazing thing to do.

    I adore your blog, your humor, your endearing openness.


  5. This is so awesome!! I love tattoos, and like you, most of mine aren't visible. The one for your brother is GORGEOUS and the best kind of tattoos are the ones that really mean something to you. I have a tattoo that I got for a friend that passed away this year, Grant, and we have also decided to name our first son after him. GREAT post, thank you for sharing the story :)

  6. This was such a touching post. I got chills when I read it. The tattoos are really nice and meaningful. Thanks for sharing your story!! I wish I was as open as you are with my blog :)