Sunday, October 3, 2010

A rough weekend

This weekend was a rough one though it ended on a better note.

Friday night the hubs and I had planned to go see a movie but decided to stay in instead. He did surprise me with a yummy steak dinner that he made so that was a good way to end the day. We then just relaxed and watched tv before heading to bed. Yes we have become that couple. The ones who think laying on the couch is a perfect way to spend a friday night.

Saturday we woke up to some fall weather. Finally. This motivated us to take the dogs for a walk which is something we never do due to the heat. Afterwards the hubbs cooked breakfast and we went to run some errands. Then we headed off to a friends house for a Pirate Themed birthday bask for their kiddos. Here is where the trouble started. We made plans with our friends to have a pizza night at their house after the party. Well at the part another couple invited us to come over for a little bit. We decided to stop by their house before heading back to our friend's house to order the pizza. Well M didn't want to go. So with the excuse of going home to let out the dogs he left. And didn't come back.

So obviously I got upset and that wasn't helped by the fact that I was tipsy. My friend made some sangria which I didn't know at the time also had brandy in it. I can't drink brandy or any kind of hard liquor for that matter so I was quickly buzzed. So that didn't help anything

I ended up drunk texting, crying hysterically and venting to my poor friends. Luckily this happened after the kiddo's bday bash. Not during so at least I don't have to feel bad about ruining a kid's 4th bday party. I ended up crashing at a friend's house and coming home this morning.

I expected M to be upset with me and to come home and have a huge fight. But he apologized and sat down and had a huge talk.

Bottom line is that lately we have both been stressed. We are trying to conceive, have a upcoming deployment along with a move and M has been weighing the decision to reenlist or not. I am able to talk about my feelings and emotions at all times but M holds things in. Over the past few weeks I've felt disconnected and in a rut and M agreed. Today we finally were able to sit down and discuss everything. It felt so good to just talk and have him explain to me what he has been feeling and what thoughts are going through his head. In the end we agreed to work on our communication with each other and to make sure we don't let every day stressor's get in the way of our marriage.

We then spent the rest of the day at the mall and grocery shopping and now are planning on ordering chinese for dinner. SO even though last night was a rough night the outcome was better than expected. And I vow to stay away from sangria and brandy!!

Anyway hope you all are having a good weekend


  1. Wow an upcoming deployment is stressful enough, not to mention all the other stuff you are dealing with! Glad to hear you got to talk it out and hope you have an awesome week! :)

  2. Glad things are better hun! Mmmm jealous! Sangria and steak sound lovely:-)

  3. That's a tough situation, and I'm sure the alcohol didn't help things very much! :/ Atleast the alone time gave M time to get his feelings together and communicate them to you! Glad things are better now! :)

  4. I am currently going through my 4th deployment ( 3 with ex husband and 1st one with my soulmate) he has been gone a lil over a month. Just wanted to let you know that I am here if you wanna chat...

  5. My husband an I were the same way before the deployment came and the first few weeks we were more angry at each other than anything else. It happens when a deployment is near the stress of leaving kills them and kills us even more. You cant help but lash out for no apparent reason. My husband has been gone almost 2 months now and it get better as time goes on. Now we long to speak to each other and the stress has turned into more I miss you and love you stress instead of I'm anxious and worried stress. Before the deployment we also had the re-enlistment talk as well. I kinda left it up to him. I figure if he's happy with what he dose who am I to tell him other wise. I don't know if that works for everyone but I rather have him be happy than miserable in his line of work. He decided to re-enlist this past friday. And we both couldn't be happier with the decision. these little arguments will pass you'll probably laugh at yourself later on. keep your head up and enjoy every second. and theres nothing wrong with staying in … that just means you get him all to yourself ;)

  6. We're "that couple", too! It's especially tempting with our new furniture to stay in for the night LOL!

    That's okay, though. I think everyone needs those nights every once in awhile.

    I'm glad ya'll are working things out. Good communication is key to a successful and happy marriage! I'm the one who normally shuts down, and the hubby wants me to always sit down and talk everything out. I'm getting better, but it hasn't been easy!

    Good for ya'll for working it out, though!

  7. I'm really glad the weekend ended on a much better note for you guys ;)