Monday, October 4, 2010

Living in the Moment

So with recent events and everything the hubs and I have going on I decided that my type A personality needs to take a vacation and instead I should be spending more time enjoying our lives right now instead of having to micro manage everything.

So instead of stressing over every little thing I vow to take things day by day and whatever happens happens.

And today couldn't have been a more perfect day to do this. I woke up to a cool, crisp October morning, went to work for a half day and was able to come home and take a nap! Then I did some quick cleaning and now the hubs is home and we have the whole
Night ahead of us.

Were going to make some chicken marsala and curl up in front of the tv and enjoy Dancing with the Stars and Castle!

Happy Monday

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  1. This is something I need to remind myself every day, stop planning and start living! Have a great evening : )

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! Wishing you guys the best of luck with everything!

  3. Aw good for you Katie! It feels soo good to just disconnect and take a step back! :) I just did it, too- a-freggin-mazing!

  4. You go girl! Hope things with you and hubby are going well! P.S. DWTS and Castle are my favorite!!