Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Did, Now What?

I have mentioned before that one of my favorite Reality shows is Giuliana and Bill on the style network. Well this Fab couple just wrote a new book on love and marriage called I Did, Now What? And of course I ran out and bought it the day it came out.

Many of you know Giuliana as the host of E News and Bill as the winner of Trump's first apprentice. What I love about this "Hollywood" couple is how down to earth they are. Their show is honest and open and one of the only reality shows I watch that the hubby will sit down and watch with me. Last season they showed their struggle with infertility and IUI, ending with the decision to start IVF. Their new season starts next Monday on the style network. It is already set on my DVR!

Anyway back to their book. I at first thought it was going to be the story of how they met and their relationship. More of a biography than a relationship book. But it was both. Each chapter was split up by topics and issues that married couples face. Such as finance, jealously, marriage rut's, trying to conceive, etc. I loved this book. Many of the topics discussed are currently things the husband and I are experiencing. It was good to actually pick up a marriage book where you can actually relate. Where people have experienced things you are going through and are discussing how they dealt with those issues.

It was written from each of their perspectives so you could see both sides of the situation. It was like reading a book written by your best friends who just so happen to be giving out marriage tips. I loved it and def learned some things about my self and my own marriage. Throughout the book I found myself shaking my head, Yup, I've done that or that sounds like my husband. It was one of the best relationship book I have read in a long time

I totally suggest it because even if you have the perfect marriage there are always way to improve and strenghten your bond. I highly reccommend it!

Happy Hump Day Everyone


  1. Oohhh I love them, I might have to check this book out!

  2. I am going to pick this book up today! I am really looking forward to reading it. :)

  3. I'll have to add that my list!

  4. Great review! I'll have to check it out!

  5. she's a UMD alum.. woo hoo!!! go terps. Makes me love her more

  6. I love her on E news...I didn't even know she had a book coming out! Sweet! :)