Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Recap

Why is it that the weekends always fly by. We spend all week counting down the days until Friday and then Sunday morning we wake up dreading Monday and heading back to work

This week was jam packed with activities. Friday night we stopped at a friend's house for Pizza night. It's their son's 2nd birthday party today and M has to work so we wanted to give him one gift on Friday night so M could see him open it. These are our closest friend's here in town and their son is like our nephew. I had so much fun shopping for this little guy!

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to hit the garage sales with a friend. One downside about my job is that every toy I have to buy for a kiddo comes out of my own money and I don't get refunded. Since I have 8 clients all different ages that is a lot of toys and materials I am buying. So I thought I'd find some cool toys at the garage sales. Unfortunately I only found 3 toys, not too many garage sales going on yesterday. After that my friend and I went to a Lia Sophia Jewelry party. The party was hosted by my friend's neighbor and we were the only two to show up. So of course I spent way more than intended since I felt bad and then we got suckered into hosting our own jewelry party. Ugh sometimes I need to grow a backbone and not be so nice!!! But I love the jewelry I got so it worked out

After the jewelry party I ran errands and headed out to a Pure Romance Party. That's right one of those parties that sells lingerie, lotions and sex toys. My friend was hosting one and also turned it into a girl's night with wine and snacks. It was alot of fun

This morning I meant to get up and go to church but I wasn't feeling good last night and didn't get much sleep so I slept in. In a few hours I'm heading off to my "nephew's" actual birthday party. And then home to relax for a bit before starting the week all over again

Starting tomorrow I am hitting the gym every day, no questions asked. That is my goal for the week. Now I will just have to find the motivation to get my butt out of bed at 530 am so I can work out before work. Wish me luck

And on other news, I am in a book funk. Any book recommendations?


  1. Side your "receipts" when you buy anything for your clients. I do the same thing, buy toys and don't get refunded. One year, I took the receipts I kept and took them to the tax lady. I got a little something back.

  2. I've told several people this book....Commencement! It was a lovely book following 4 girls that met in college, and their life after graduation. It was a suggestion from the Border's saleslady. LOVED IT!

  3. Ahh I have heard a lot about those Pure Romance parties but I have never been to one! It looks like so much fun, especially if wine is involved :) As for book recommendations, I don't know if you have read anything by Jodi Picoult, but I absolutely adore every one of her books. My favorite are 'The Pact' and 'Nineteen Minutes'. Glad you had a nice weekend!