Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Phone

The hubs and I are going to get new phones today! We both currently have the IPhone 3G. I'm on my second one and in the past few months have had a lot of problems with the phone. The screen freezes, apps don't load and text messages take forever to send. So I'm ready for a new phone

However I am unsure of what phone I should get. The blackberry came out with a new phone, it a touch screen but has a sliding keyboard. I love it but have never had a blackberry before. AT&T also got the palm pre which is super cute. I've had both a palm pilot and a palm phone and have loved them.

The hubs is convinced that I will miss the IPhone and I should just upgrade to the IPhone 4. I do love being able to blog from my
Phone and reading y'alls blogs off my google reader app but other than that i think the other phones can do pretty much the same thing

So can anyone help me out. Any input on the iPhone, blackberry or the palm!

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  1. I have a palm and love it. We are on Verizon or else I would get an iphone. boo..

  2. Get the iphone 4. I currently have the iphone3gs and will eventually move up to the 4. I was totally sold on it once I saw the new commercials that show how u can see the person you're talking to.

  3. No clue. I LOVE the Blackberry but despise the pictures it takes. Have never had AT&T so never had an iPhone. DH's has a Droid the HTC Hero and he loves it. But since we're sprint users I am no help. lol

  4. I absolutely love my blackberry and I've gone from droid to iphone back to blackberry. I definitely recommend it to everyone! I even have an app to blog from my phone, I just don't have the time lol

  5. I LOVE my blackberry and if Verizon had that new blackberry that you are talking about, I would get it! I'm considering the iphone, but only because it gets so much hype! I think I agree with you though...does it really do anything more than other phones can do?