Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Workout

I started a new workout today. Jillian Michael's Yoga DVD. It kicked my ass. I have to admit it's been awhile since I've been to the gym. I wanted to find something different from workouts I had done in the past. I have a short, athletic build and most workouts such as spin or body pump make me bigger instead of leaner. So I thought I'd give yoga a try. In Raleigh I had a friend who teaches Hot Yoga. Yoga done in a 105 degree room. It's amazing. You move through the movements quickly and it is a great workout. So to go to a regular yoga class after that was a little boring. I loved Jillian Michael's workout because she added movement to the positions to increase your cardio workout.

My goal for this week is to do this DVD every day and hopefully add in another form of cardio. Such as walking the dogs at night or riding the bike at the apt gym. Hopefully I will be motivated to get my ass out of bed in the morning and stick to this routine. Though seeing my once toned legs jiggling as I moved from pose to pose was motivation enough!! Ugh

I also ordered this DVD today.

Bethenny has an amazing body and if I could look like her I would be so happy! I also plan on changing my diet. I don't eat horrible. Breakfast is usually oatmeal, lunch is usually a sub or chicken with some yogart and dinner is normally a chicken dish. Although the husband says we eat too many potatoes with our dinners. So from now on dinner is going to consist of a protein and a veggie or salad. I can also admit I barely eat fruit or vegetables and need to find an easy way to incorporate those things into my diet.

My ultimate goal is to lose 10 pounds, get toned again and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

I think in order to track my progress I am going to start to do a weekly post on my weight and workout progress.Hopefully this will keep me motivated.

So has anyone out there done any of these workouts? What do you think? Any good tips or recipes for healthy eating!



  1. I am right there with you. Honestly, just drinking more water a day has changed a lot for me already. The Last Chance Workout DVD is kicking my ass daily!

  2. I've done Jillian's Shred - it was great! So glad to see you've found a workout that you are enjoying. You can do this girl! :)

  3. I LOVE JILLIAN!!! The 30 Day Shred and Boost Fat Burn Metabolism workouts are crazy hard. I've recently discovered TurboKick...LOVE IT!!

  4. I hear Jillian's DVD is amazing! I'm a runner but since cold weather is approaching I don't like running outside then, so in the winter days I tried out Insane Workout, Beach Body makes it which are the same people that do P90X and I highly recommend it!

  5. I love love Jillian's shred. It kicks butt.!

  6. Sounds great! I am interested in the Bethenny workout too...can't wait to hear how it goes!

  7. I've never done them, but they look great. Good luck!