Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Aftermath of 9/11

I posted yesterday about what I was doing when the planes hit the twin towers. As I got up this morning it was with a heavy heart. I turned on the tv and tried to find something to watch and ended on the 9/11 tributes on C-Span. Watching the memorial to those who lost their lives in 9/11 and listening to Laura Bush speak brings me to tears

Never would I thought that 6.5 years after the attacks that I would marry a soldier. One who dropped out of college to go fight for his country. One who has been deployed multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan who freely gives up his freedom to fight for a greater good. I am so thankful for my husband and all that serve in the military. They are true hero's

I remember the days and weeks after the event of 9/11 how everyone had become so patriotic. Yellow ribbon's flew everywhere supporting our troops, American flags hung in every yard in my neighborhood and candles were constantly lit at my church for those victim's who lost their lives.

Where is that today? Where is that strong sense of patriotism and support for those still defending our country and why was it that 9/11 had to occur for the U.S. to join together as one. I only hope that going forward the U.S. will continue to support and honor our men and women serving this country.

Now I leave you with a music video put together with images from 9/11 that I found off you tube. This song ended up being the theme song of my senior year of high school where the attack's were never far from our mind and talked about daily. And even though today 9 years later I am a army wife, I feel more like the 17 year old girl rushing from class to get to the tv and watching the second plane hit the twin towers. It was then that my life and the world changed forever


  1. Beautiful....feel free to come over to my blog and link up...I've got a day of silence going in honor of all those lost...

  2. That was just beautiful. I grieve quietly on this day for all of those families affected by this tragedy.