Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a busy one for us. Friday during the day I had a work conference that I attended. After I got home the hubs and I decided to try out a new restaurant. We went to the Blue Moon Cafe, this quaint little restaurant in downtown Fayetteville. The menu consisted of salads and sandwiches. For an appetizer we ordered black bean hummus! It was delicious. We then each ordered sandwiches and I have to say this was the best sandwich I had ever eaten. I will def go and eat there again. It's always nice to find healthy places to eat at!

Yesterday morning I woke up and set off on a mission to hobby lobby and Joann fabrics. I was on the search for Halloween decorations. Needless to say most places had Christmas stuff out so pickings were slim but I scored 60% off all decorations I bought. I found colored pumpkin lawn decorations, An led pumpkin light, and a pumpkin bowl with a witch hat in top. I also stopped at pier one and bought a new fall centerpiece for my coffee table. My last stop was Kohls and I spent a small fortune on clothes. They had a huge sale and I bought a ton of sweaters! Now if only the weather will cool down

After shopping the Hubby and I cleaned out our cars and washed them before getting ready to go over to a friends for dinner

Dinner was so much fun though I was a little over served with the wine. Still paying for that today

Today the hubs and I got up early to go to the grocery store. The hubs is Italian and had been dying to make a traditional Italian meal. So today we bought all the ingredients to make Sunday Gravy and Sicilian chicken breasts. Yumm! He had been cooking away all day and the food smells amazing

We have friends coming over for dinner to try out the feast the hubs is making. I love Sundays!

I've also spent some time looking for houses in the area we are pcsing too. Our pcs date keeps getting changed and I believe we will be moving sooner than we think. I am having so much fun house hunting and planning on decorating a new house!!

Happy Sunday everyone

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  1. Aw what a fun weekend! So fun that you just got a little r&r with the hubs! And I'm excited for you to be house hunting- decorating is what i'm most excited about one day, too!

    P.S. Jealous of your Italiano meal!! due to my headache- we had frozen pizza for lunch, and will be having a pasta version of lasagna for dinner! ha!

  2. I keep asking my husband about the time line...I just want to know when to expect heading down there! Our biggest hiccup will be when they decide to send us the beginning or the end of the move.

    Do you have any idea on where you want to live? We had thought about Crestview, but I think we are going to rule it out as we want to live a little closer to the more populated area.

  3. This all just sounds absolutely lovely :) I do think it's crazy, however, that it's not even October and it's like Halloween decorations have came and went!!