Monday, September 27, 2010

Dogs first, babies second

I believe it was the movie Marley and Me where the main character is talking to his best friend about how his newlywed wife had started talking about babies. His friends response was Get her a puppy! I can't remember who else told me that pets are a good first step before kids and I couldn't stop thinking about that today as I was outside with the dogs. It started raining here yesterday afternoon and by this morning it hadn't let up. I have two princess furbabies who refused to go outside all day yesterday to use the bathroom. So this morning as I was walking around in the pouring rain I had to laugh and think about how I'd rather be changing a diaper!

A few months before I met my
Hubby I adopted a lab puppy from the lab rescue of Wisconsin. She was 13 weeks and had been abused by her previous owners. She was afraid of anything and everything and truly became my baby. She went every where with me and to this day follows me around wherever I go.

When the Hubby finally came
Home from his deployment and I moved to Nc, we decided to get Kenzie a playmate. We found a liter of lab pups available and the weekend after moving here we brought home April, an 8 week old yellow lab. We set about crate training right away. That consisted of spending three sleepless nights on a twin sized air mattress in our living room right next to Aprils kennel. Since I wasn't working at the time it was me that was up every two hours taking her outside. That killed my baby thoughts for awhile!

Now with a three year old and one year old lab we are those crazy doggy parents. We have pictures of them in frames, spend more money on them per week on bones and toys than we do ourselves and refer to them as our babies!

So until we have kids of our own they will remain our babies. And they have def been good practice!

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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself!! Our dogs are my babies and they always will be...even when we have a human baby they will just be the baby's sisters lol...I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that does those things!! :-)

  2. Dublin was definitelyyyy good practice for Baby Girl and good for us to realise responsibility etc!

  3. You said it! We want to go get a puppy and after visiting some breeders today I kept thinking about dogs that don't have a home and my hubs and I decided we want to rescue a dog instead! Your post was a like a sign or something! Happy Monday!!!!

  4. Dogs definitely seem like kids sometimes!

  5. My princess dog won't go outside when it's raining either. UGH.

    I also have a framed picture of my dogs on my fireplace. Sigh. We're "one of them" too

  6. Ah I hate it when my dogs get fussy about the rain. It's like, really? Get it over with and we can go INSIDE. Ah geez. Though I have to say, after working with some of the dogs at work I've realized that my dogs are far from the worst out there- and I'm sure yours are too.