Thursday, September 16, 2010


I woke up this morning and for once wasn't blasted by heat when I tool the dogs out. It was nice, crisp 65 degrees. It made me go back inside and light up my spiced punpkin candles!

However it is almost noon and back up to 89 degrees. As a Wisconsinite I never thought I'd see the day when I said I was ready for cold weather. But I am. I have all my fall and Halloween decorations waiting to be put out but I feel kinda stupid having grinning pumpkins on my
Porch when it is still so hot out. Although this weekend I am def hitting up AC Moore and Hobby Lobby for some new decorations

This week has greatly improved. I have resolved my issues with a certain person written about on my last post. I am halfway through reading Nicholas Sparks new book and loving it and today is my Friday. Tomorrow I have a work conference regarding Teaching language to children with autism which I very excited to attend although I have to leave me house at 5am tomm to drive there. Ugh

Other than that I am looking forward to the weekend!!

Happy Thursday everyone

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  1. Is there a specific speaker? I'm always trying to find new ways to expand my clients language...

  2. Thanks Katie! I read your post about this subject a few months ago. Where do you guys currently stand? Are you still hoping to expand your family soon??

    And I'm totally in the mood for fall here. Our weeks are getting cooler and cooler and I've been lighting up my fall candles everyday! Enjoy :)

  3. Can't say I miss Wisconsin weather even a little bit! I'm loving still being close to 90 near the end of September. I've heard October here is darn near perfect.

  4. Oh I got a taste of your Wisconsin weather the other day- 44* of it.. Ah! I'm not quite ready for that!! But I love it in the sense that I totally stocked up on fall candles- it's my favorite! Hope your hot weather dies off soon, and mine sticks around a little longer!