Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deployment Survivor

I'm a day or so late for this but I just had to join in. My friend over at Goodnight Moon
created this Deployment Button for all those that have survived one or more deployments or are currently going through one

As a deployment survivor I def wanted to link up and join in in telling the blog world how I kicked this deployments a$$!!!

This last deployment was def better than our first. Our first deployment was 9 months long and took place a month after we were married. There were many fights, tears, harsh words, hurt feelings and periods of no talking during that deployment. This deployment however we were determined to have a different experience. We hashed out all the problems faced during the first deployment, talked over any issues we had and agreed to always be honest and communicate our true feelings during this deployment. And we accomplished all that we set out to do. We rarely fought, if we felt a fight coming on we calmly got off the phone and talked to each other the next day. I save a ton of money and paid off a ton of debt, I fixed up everything around the house that needed to be taken care of, and I tried my best to be a supportive wife. This was also my first deployment away from my family and I bided my time with lots of girls nights and glasses of wine. I can honestly say that the next deployment I am not afraid of. I now know what to expect and I know that we can kick any deployments a$$. The hubs and I grew very close during this past deployment and are in even a better place in our relationship than from before he left. Don't get me wrong, the deployment sucked at times but overall it made me appreciate the life the hubs and I have and made me so very thankful for my husband and all that he does!

So I can without a doubt say I am a proud deployment survivor!!


  1. Oh I need to get one of those buttons! Its so cute and a great way to say "hey, um, I basically rock" :)

  2. Thanks for linking up! Deployments suck a$$ almost every single day, but you get to a point where you tell yourself your not going to let it get the best of you. Having all those days/nights without your hubs beside you is hard, but it makes you stronger in ways you didn't even know could exsist.

    Ah...yes...all that combat/hazard pay is SUPER nice isn't it! And then it comes to a sudden holt when they come home....

  3. Yay for it being over, and for having kicked some serious ass. :)

  4. Stopping over from Amber's Blog hop! Deployments definitely filled with ups and downs...but thank goodness for emails, phone calls, etc. My hubby is retired Army, so we've been through a "few" and it made it so much easier to be able to communicate, rather than wait for snailmail.

    Thanks for your hubby's service and for all you do as a military wife :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Hope you get a chance to pop over to my post. If you do, please let me know you were there. Oh I noticed in one of your other posts, that you are from Wisconsin? All of my dad's family are from Wisconsin-from RAcine and up north by the U.P. :o)