Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our HoneyMoon

A year ago today the hubs and I were spending a night in Chicago, Illinois awaiting to leave for our honeymoon to Punta Cana. After almost a year of marriage we were finally taking one. We were so excited to be together and get to spend a week on the beach!!
We should have known that the perfect getaway we had planned was not to be. We left Chicago bright and early on the 17th. We were supposed to fly in to Charlotte, NC and then fly to Punta Cana arriving there around 3:30pm. Well our plane ended up circling the charlotte airport for an hour and a half due to fog and ground delays. Which meant we missed our connecting flight. So away we went to wait in a long line to be rebooked on another flight. What bothers me the most is that our plane to Punta Cana left with more than 15 seats open. Anyway we finally made it up to the ticket counter and the news wasn't good. The only option was to fly to Atlanta that night and leave for Punta Cana the following afternoon putting us in the DR around 5pm. I immediately started crying. It had been almost a year since we had seen each other and already things were going wrong. We took the flight since that was our only option, called the hotel in Punta Cana to explain we would be delayed and also called our travel agent who also needed to call our hotel and send them a statement saying we would be there the following day so the hotel would hold our room.
Luck was with us the following morning in Atlanta. We got on a 7am flight to Punta Cana. We were smiling and happy
We arrived in Punta Cana ready to enjoy our trip. We arrived at the hotel and waited in line to check in. Well the hotel had canceled our reservations and was going to transfer us to another hotel. We didn't want to transfer since we had no idea where the hotel was or for that matter if it was even a nice hotel. Finally they found a room for us. It was not the honeymoon suite we had booked but a room with two twin beds. Perfect for a newly reunited couple on their honeymoon. We would have made the best of it if it weren't for the fact that our room smelled like must and the ceiling leaked. It was going to be a long week.
The following morning we got up early, determined to hit the beach and just focus on the reason we were there, to spend time with each other. We met up with a couple that had been transferred to the other hotel and they told us the hotel they were put up at was much nicer and we should volunteer to leave. So we went back to our room, changed and noticed there was a note under our door asking if we wanted to volunteer to leave and go to the hotel the couple mentioned. Along with going to the other hotel we would receive a free week's stay at our current hotel valid for the next year. Off we went to volunteer. When we got up to the front desk, they said they weren't taking any more volunteer's. Since we wanted to spend the day at the back we didn't want to argue and instead asked to move to the room we had originally paid for. They explained they had none available but could push our beds together for us. Wow thanks!
Despite this we had a great time. We went horse back riding along the beach, parasailing and just enjoyed laying out, reading books and relaxing. And I should mention that every night under our door was a letter asking us to volunteer to leave and go to a different hotel. So needless to say we will never go back to this resort again and I'm thinking to Punta Cana again. It was beautiful but I think I liked Riveria Maya in Mexico alot better as a vacation spot.
Nonetheless, we enjoyed our trip. Here are some pics from our honeymoon
The Punta Cana Airport

Our Lovely Hotel Room

First day there-Walking around the resort

Our lovely hotel

Heading to dinner on our first night

Our 2nd day- Enjoying the beach

Shops along the beach

M relaxing


Horse Back Riding

Another one of us on the beach

The Honeymooners

View of the beach on our last day

Dinner on our last night

Waiting for our taxi to take us to the airport

Even though our honeymoon wasn't exactly what we had planned I would never take it back. We had an amazing time and even though we were sad to see it end, we were heading back to Wisconsin to spend some time with our families before packing up our cars and moving me down to NC. We were on our way to start a new chapter of our lives. After almost a year of being apart we were finally together again!!



  1. The photos look great! That is some crappy luck! Glad you made the most of it and still managed to have a great time :)

  2. The photos look great!! My hubs and I spent our 1 year wedding anniversary on our honeymoon & it was also in Punta Cana!! The horseback riding and parasailing look like a blast! Glad you enjoyed it (:

  3. What a bummer about the hotel. I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have handled it as gracefully as you did, even if this had just happened to me on a regular trip.

    Punta Cana looks gorgeous though.

  4. :( That's kind of a sad story BUT you have super cute pictures and I'm excited you did get a proper honeymoon eventually. :)

  5. I can't believe how frustrating that was for you! The pics look like fun though!

  6. Beautiful pictures. Oh it makes me want to go back to our honeymoon SO bad!

    BTW... LOVE the new look!

  7. Love the pictures! Sorry the rest of the trip was such a pain in the ass, but at least it makes for a good story!

    I also really dig your new look!

  8. you guys are so tan in all your pictures, jealous!
    Despite all the glitches you made the most of it, yay for happy endings! : )

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Those pictures look great and I am glad you made the best out of your vacation despite all the stresses before.

  10. I would have been so upset also. I'm glad you two made the best of it though and didn't let it ruin your trip.
    You are both ridiculously tan in these pictures. I'm so jealous. Those pictures are great, The beach makes me want to get on a plane and leave now.

  11. I would've been crying on the plane waiting for it to land knowing we were missing our flight!!! that is insane....we are having to push our honeymoon back a year or two as well...im so NOT thrilled, but I'd rather get married now so I guess we'll have to make the best of it!!

  12. I'm glad you made the best of it. Looks like you had so much fun!

  13. Aww what great pics. You guys look so happy!

  14. :( Boo for bad stories from the honeymoon. On the plus side - you have some amazing pics. Especially the one of the two of you in all black - super sexy! Show that to your kids one day. "See...mom and dad used to be super hott!" LOL

    So I'm thinking - instead of me coming for a visit when M deploys, the four of us should just go on a Caribbean vacation. I'm sure the husbands would get along just fine - and who cares if they don't? We would be in paradise! LOL

  15. you and i could totally be on a show to re do our honey moon. we had a tornado hit during our wedding and over half the guest were stuck on the side of the way, then we had no electricity and the wedding cake almost fell over. then we went to williamsburg. we looked for our hotel for 2 hours with several police stopping us because it was 3am, only to find out the name of the hotel was not Governors spottwood inn. but somthing like governors spottwood and then under it it said like econo lodge. and the man working the front desk lived there and was in cut off sweat pants and NOTHING else.