Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars!!!

Here are some of my absolute fave dresses shown on the red carpet last night!!

And I am happy that the Hurt Locker won for best movie. The hubby and I rented that a few weeks ago and were surprised by how much we liked it. I do have to admit the hubs found fault with alot of what was portrayed with the movie but did say he liked it. I guess I am just glad that it won because we finally have a movie about the war in iraq that gains recognition. It's a reminder to everyone, not just those that live through it every day that there is a war going on. That men and women leave their families behind to go fight for our country. Every day these men and women risk their lives for us and come home to no recognition for their selflessness.
SO maybe this movie opened up people's eyes about what it is like over in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And I am thrilled Sandra Bullock won. I have yet to see The Blind Side but have loved her movies for years. I did see last night on twitter that someone posted she wasn't nice? Hmm I didn't see her speech or interview's before the show so I don't know if something happened or not. If anyone knows what happened let me know!!

Happy Monday everyone

XOXO Katie


  1. Oh I LOVE Sandra Bullock I haven't heard anything of her being mean or anything but I could have missed something lol..And the Blind Side was AWESOME.....I also LOVED the Hurt Locker I thought it was really a great movie...

  2. I was glad Sandra Bullock won too...she looked STUNNING! And the Blind Side was great! I don't think she said anything mean...she made some comments about wishing Meryl Streep was her lover but I guess I don't know if that was mean ha!

    I haven't seen Hurt Locker but glad to know you and your hubby liked it. I have just been nervous to watch it until Robbie is home! It must be good though, people are raving about it!

  3. I haven't seen The Hurt Locker yet, but I definitely want to! The Blind Side was fantastic - see it asap!

    I also thought SJP looked amazing!

  4. I haven't see The Hurt Locker yet, but my boyfriend has seen it. I really want to see it. I've heard a lot of good things about it. I'm really glad it won for best movie!

  5. I love me some SJP. She is just amazing to me.

    Did you see Cameron Diaz's dress? It was STUNNING!

  6. I never saw the foot locker, but I am glad that Sandra Bullock won. I just love her and she looked stunning that night. I loved SJP's dress. She looked great.
    I didn't really Kristin Stewart or Miley's though. For some reason they just didn't do it for me.
    I saw SO many beautiful dresses though last night and a few that I was like "yikes". Like Charlize Theron, HORRIBLE! I didn't like her dress at all.

  7. LOl I'm sorry but I am sorta giggling cause "Meant to be a mom" said she never saw the "foot locker" hehehehe I totally think the same thing when I read or hear "The Hurt Locker" Glad to see I am not the only one! ;)
    Anyway, I know its not the right way to handle the reality of Iraq and afgan...But I avoid seeing war movies because it gives me 50 times more anxiety when Hubbs leaves. The same reason I don't watch the news while he is gone. I am glad to see it won, our soldiers deserve it!

  8. Yeah....Sandy totally didn't say anything bad or mean. Her grace and humility is stunning to me, plus she's just gorgeous. One of those actresses I could 'totally be friends with' types.
    Jeff Bridges, I thought acted like he was wasted......but other than that. A nice Oscar night.
    Yes, Sarah Jessica....gorgeous. Not loving the hair, though....seriously, I think it was bigger than my entire head.

  9. I loved SJP's hair!

    You MUST watch Blind Side already! I'm totally buying it the instant it comes out!