Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day in the Life of Me


I saw a few of my blogger friends participate in A Day in the Life hosted by Kelly. You can check her blog out here

So I thought I would share what a typical day for me looks like.

4:45-5:15 Alarm goes off and I hit snooze a variety of times before finally getting up

5:15 change into work out clothes and hit the gym

5:45-6:45 Depending on the day I either do a spin class or do some cardio and weight lifting

7:00-8:00 Home to get ready for work

8:00-8:50 Drive out to a client's school. Yes it is an hour away

11:00-11:50 Drive back home

12:00-12:45 Grab a quick lunch at home, let the dogs out and head back to work

1:00-2:30 A 1:1 home session with a kiddo

2:30-3:00 Drive to another client's house

3:00-5:00 A 1:1 home session with another kiddo

5:30-6:30 And another in home visit with a kiddo

7:00 Finally arrive home!!

7:10 Time to start dinner and change into comfy clothes

7:30-10 Time to eat dinner, clean a little, do some homework and finally relax with the hubs . Usually I try to blog at this time and catch up on some of my blog reading. I have been known to skip cleaning and homework and just blog!!!

10:00 TIme for bed!!

As you can see I spend alot of time in my car!! I love my job however and don't mind the traveling. It's so nice to get outta Fayetteville sometimes!

Happy Friday everyone


  1. Busy, busy girl! Do you ever do books on tape? I LOVE that for when I am in the car for a while!

  2. What a full day and soooo busy! Totally understand the whole snoozing several times hahah!!!

  3. What a BUSY lady, I got tired just reading about it!

  4. Wow girly you are seriously committed to working out. I wish I could work out in the morning, but it's just not possible for me to do it that early. You're schedule is busy no wonder you put off cleaning to blog I would too.

  5. Wow! I could never have the motivation to wake up that early and work out. That is so awesome.

  6. I am with the other bloggers!! Go girl with the working out. I am seriously jealous of your motivation!

  7. do you do it all? Can you imagine how crazy busy we will be when we have kids???