Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Me

I've been absent from blogging lately due to the fact that my parent's are in town. They haven't seen Gianna since she was two weeks old so they are loving being able to spend time with her. While they hog her from me I decided to catch up on blogging.

Last year I didn't have any resolutions. There is no point in dieting or starting an exercise routine when you start the new year off 10 weeks pregnant! But this year I have many resolutions that I want to do for myself

1. Be a better wife.

I love my husband to death and we have a pretty good marriage but there's always room for improvement. I could be more supportive, more patient and not so quick to nag or get irritated when he's playing his video game. I also really want to work on spending quality time with the hubs. We haven't had any time alone together since Gianna was born and not that I mind, it would be nice to go out on a date with my husband. At night by the time dinner is done, Gianna is fed,bathed and asleep we plop down on separate couches and veg. I want to make more of an effort to turn off the tv or put my phone down and spend time together. Since we are both reader's I believe we are going to both read The Girl with the Dragon tattoo at night and start focusing more on the other

2. Be a better Mom

I need to stop stressing out over keeping my house spotless and making sure everything is put away and organized and instead enjoy every moment with Gianna. She is now at that stage where she is looking to be stimulated and loves to play with her toys. Instead of worrying about washing the floor I want to be on the floor playing with my daughter. The floors can wait until nap time!

3. Read More, Watch Tv Less

Back in Gianna's newborn day's when she was sleeping away most of the day I would find myself vegging in front of the tv. I started watching a whole new slew of crap tv and now I'm to the point where I'm over it. I have been trying to keep the tv off all day and if Gianna does get in a daily nap I read instead. I have fallen in love with reading all over again and I don't miss the tv. Sure I will watch my shows at night or catch up on the weekends when I have free time but now I find reading more relaxing than watching tv

4. Diet!

Gianna is almost 6 months which mean's the " I just had a baby" excuse isn't really going to cut it. I still have ten pounds to go to get back to pre pregnancy weight and I'd love to lose another ten on top of that to get back to my wedding weight. We shall see if that happens!

5. Budget and Save Money

We started the envelope system a few months ago. It was working great until we started redoing our bathroom floor and that cost more than we anticipated. Now we are slowly getting back on track with budgeting. It's amazing how when you actually pay attention to where your money goes you are able to see how much unnecessary spending you do!
My goal is to continue to save money and pay off our debt this year. Now if only I could get the hubby to quit smoking because a pack a day of cigarettes adds up!

I think that's a good start to kick off the new year. I'm sure I will be adding things to the list as the year goes on!


  1. Great list! I hope you had a good new years!

  2. I agree, that's an awesome list! All do-able. I could apply some of these things to my own life, especially replacing tv with some reading. I, too, have a passion for books and have allowed the tv to numb my brain. And the obsessive cleaning as well :) And spend more quality time with my 3-year old. :)

  3. If only we could make resolutions for our husbands also. Mine really needs to quit smoking too. He was doing pretty well after our son was born but has progressed into the habit fully again. Boo.
    Good luck with your goals for yourself (and your husband) =)