Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun Bags and baby weight

Disclaimer- This post is about boobies! If you could care less about reading about my post pregnancy chest stop reading

Fun bags- that is the hubs nickname for my chest these days. And I guess that name suits them. I have gone from a 34B per pregnancy to a 36DD. Ouch

Back in my B days I desperately wanted a boob job. During college my mama(a nurse) worked at a day surgery clinic where they did a lot of plastic surgery. I seriously considered getting my boobs done. My mom relented and said I could use her family discount if I was serious about getting them done but only if I let her chose the dr. I agreed. However as I graduated college and got my first big girl job I decided to save my money and not get them done

After getting married I still debated about getting my boobs done. At this point however my fear of drs had grown so I no longer wanted to undergo an unnecessary surgery. I also didn't want to be that army wife who got her boobs done while her hubby was fighting in a war zone. ( no offense to those that do, I had plenty of friends get them done during deployments as surprises for their hubs) mine just would not appreciate that!

Anyway I used to joke that if somehow fat from my genetically ample bottom could somehow make its way up to my boobs I'd be happy. It never did.

Until now. Now I have no idea why I ever wanted a boob job. Bras don't fit. Let alone any of my shirts. I wear a bra, tank top and a shirt when out in public and my boobs are still spilling over. Last night at a friends birthday party I tried to keep them as covered as I could but my friends still joked about my porn star boobs.

I am anxious to see if these boobies are a gift that will last or go away. I wouldn't mind a little more than my previous B cups but these DD's are crazy!

Oh well I guess I will enjoy them when I have them. Long gone are the days of no longer filling out my shirts or swim suit tops. Now the cups spilleth over!

And on another note I thought breastfeeding was a great way to lose the baby weight. I'm stuck at the last ten pounds and it seems no matter what I do lately I gain instead of lose. For a few days this week I was sick and barely ate except for some soup. Yet I still managed to gain 2 pounds. How is that possible

A friend who recently had a baby said her dr told her that while breastfeeding your body hangs on today easier due to higher levels of estrogen and the influx of hormones. Is that true? I hope so

How long did it take any of you to lose the baby weight?

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  1. Your friend is right. While you do lose a lot of weight while breastfeeding, often times you do hang on to those last 10 or 15 pounds. Your body needs enough fat store to produce milk. I have heard that once you wean the weight falls off. I am having the same issue and have been stuck at the last 10 lbs for two months.

  2. I didn't loose the last 5 lbs of baby weight with my first until I stopped breast feeding..then I dropped it immediately. With #2 it's different. I only breast fed for 6 weeks and at almost 7 months post partum, I still have a pound to lose

  3. i'm a d when i'm not pregnant a double d when i'm pregnant and a triple d when i'm breastfeeding so i know what your talking about about no shirts fitting right lol. as far as the baby weight. I had my son monday and instantly lost 15 pounds, i could probably afford to lose another 10 or 15 [or at least tone up what is left]. I've been blessed with dropping quick right after I deliver. I gained a lot more weight with my second than i did with my first but i'm breastfeeding so i'm losing faster than I did with my daughter.

  4. When I got pregnant I was so happy thinking about how my chest would get larger (than an A cup). It never did. I was unfortunately one of the unlucky ones that wasn't able to breastfeed either. According to the lactation consultants it's all related. What a bummer! So still small tata's and no help in the weight loss department. Boo!
    I gained a lot of weight with my son too, so a lot of it just came right off without trying very hard. I'm still working on the 30 pounds extra I was carrying before I got pregnant!

  5. Coming to your blog from Ashleigh @ Life as I Know it!

    I had to giggle at your post. I have 3 kids and just recently FINALLY lost all my baby weight. My oldest is 8... does that sum it up?? After my last pregnancy I was a 38D... now, 45 pounds lighter, I'm unfortunately back in a 34B wishing for a boob job, not to make them bigger, but to make them plump again!! Never ending vicious cycle... to boob job or not to boob job?!

    Happy mothering!

  6. I feel your pain since where you are is where I start! I'm a little nervous to see how big I'm going to get with munchkin and breastfeeding...I'm already dreading having to get bigger bras!

  7. I'm stuck at the last 10 pounds as well! I have really just started working out though.

    And yeah, the boobs!? What is that all about!? I was a 36DD and had a breast reduction about 4 years ago. I went down to a 34C, now, post baby, I am a 36D. My boobs have changed way too much...

  8. Yeah, I hear ya. I never want a boob job! I want these things back to normal :P

  9. hahaha I love everyone that posted on this because I went from a DD to a flipping G! I cant wear pretty bras anymore!
    Glad you dont want a boob job anymore though hun! I never ever understood why people wanted bigger boobs, when those of us with giant boobs want smaller ones.
    I have hung onto my weight too. I did stop breastfeeding about 2 months ago though (i miss it).
    Baby weight is hard to get rid of, so I keep hearing, but I also know our bodies will never be back to normal.

    Oh and I totally feel for you on the shirts not fitting, I have to wear X-Larges so I can keep my hips and belly covered, and I usually wear tanks too. Enjoy the boobies as much as you can :) especially the hubs!

  10. i may be back to my pre baby weight, but i also got my tiny boobs back as well! your lasting weight has to be the boobs, you'd be surprised how much those babies weigh! i'll take some of that boob weight anyday! ;)

  11. I'm stuck at the last 5 pounds and I'm not sure it's gonna go anywhere before we get pregnant again! And my boobs were huge until Brayden weaned. And now they are back to what they were. I was sad about that! Ha! :) But I can imagine a DD would be hard.