Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to build your child's library- For cheap

The hubs and I are both avid readers and want to instill the love of reading to our kids. Gianna has an awesome book collection already and I'm always buying her books. Of course books can be expensive so I try to buy them on sale or as cheaply as possible. Here are some tricks I've leaned

1. Marshall's, Ross, TJ Maxx are amazing places to go for kids books. I saw an Olivia book at Barnes and nobles for 15 bucks that was being sold at Marshall's for 7. I always find Amazing books at the above store for an amazing price

2. The dollar tree- the dollar tree in town here sells hardback sesame street, my little pony and word world books. For a buck a pop you can't go wrong. These books are perfect for the littler kids. Gianna love putting the books in her mouth and I'd rather her chew on one of these books than a 17 dollar Fancy Nancy book! Plus who doesn't love sesame street or my little pony

3. Barnes and nobles or amazon online- online books are always cheaper than in the store. Even for adults. The hardcover hunger games books are 17 at BN, online they are 9.99. I always order my books online!

4. Kohls- Kohls has that kohls cares programs where you can er books for 5 bucks a pop. Last month I got Gianna all the Nancy Tillman books(on the night you were born) for five bucks a piece. This month they have the Brown bear brown bear book for 5 bucks plus others by the same author. You can't best 5 bucks for a nice hardcover book by a best selling author

5. I joined a children of the month book club. For 99cents I got 6 books. All hardcover books. The only thing I have to do to remain in this club is by 2 more books by the time the year is up. They do kind of get you on shipping but the books are highly discounted and they have a lot of buy one get one deals so in the end it all evens out

And that's how I've been stocking up Gianna's library!

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  1. This is good to know for the future! My husband & I are both avid readers as well. We talk about how whenever i get pregnant, the first thing we'll do is go to the bookstore for baby's first books! HAHA! :)

  2. i have hit up ALL these places, and totally agree!

  3. Very smart! I buy lots of books on If you buy from the same seller, the shipping is discounted so I've stocked our library up for super cheap!

  4. Awe this is awesome I love reading as well did you like the Hunger Games book or have you read it yet??

  5. Don't forget - the $1 section at Target is great too!

    I've picked up sooooo many board and foam books for Jay there this past year for a $1 each and I noticed last time they have paperbacks of some of the classics too for older readers! With the baby ones, they change em out every few weeks or so too and they usually have 4 at a time - we got a set of Crayola brand ones about colors and shapes and numbers, a Sesame Street set, a Berenstein Bears set... great deals! I always make sure to check out that section for new books for Jay whenever we go to Target =)