Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Closed-The Hunger Games Trilogy(Review)

After reading these books I cannot wait for this movie! I am half way through the third book but wanted to a do a book review of all three.
SPOILER ALERT-If you haven't read these and plan on it you may not want to read this

The Hunger Games(Book One) A book about the end of civilization as we know it, a post apocalyptic world, a story about "games" which include 24 kids fighting to the death. So not a book for me. Or so I thought. I bought this book over a year ago and just picked it up a few weeks ago. I couldn't get into it. Everyone kept telling me to give it another try so I did. It took me until page 100 to get hooked. And then I couldn't put it down. This book was amazing. I connected with the character's more than I thought I would and the story line kept me involved and interested. I loved it and couldn't wait to pick up book 2

Catching Fire- Loved loved loved. This is my favorite book of the trilogy. I like how we got to know more of our character's in depth. Such a Haymitch who probably is my favorite character. This book also kept me interested and I could not put it down. I loved how all the victor's were in on the plan to start a war against the Capitol. And how Haymitch helped orchestrate it all. If Katniss wouldn't have been so proud and stubborn maybe she would have realized that. I guessed what was going on when Haymitch told her to beware the real enemy. I finished it in 3 days which is a record for me post baby.I couldn't wait to start book three

Mockingjay-I started this book immediately after I finished book2 2 and I kept waiting for it to get interesting. Katniss really annoyed me in t his book. I felt like all the book talked about was Katniss sleeping in a linen closet. You know the district's were waging a war against the capital but nb specific details were given except what Katniss heard from Coin or Plutarch. She became whiny and irritating. Mad at people for doing what she wanted(starting to rebel against the capital) and her dislike towards character's she was previously close to bothered me. Like I said I'm half way through and am still waiting for this book to pick up. I don't want to continue reading about her making propo's or sleeping in her closet. I want them to rescue Peeta
And I don't like Gale. I feel like the author didn't really do much as far as character development for him and now in this book as she is starting too I could care less. Maybe because he is turning out not to be whom Katniss thought. I will keep on reading however.

I would def recommend this series to anyone. This is not my type of book series and now I am looking for more in this particular genre to read

Ive heard good things about Delirium by Lauren Oliver or Divergent by Veronica Roth. Has anyone read these or have any other suggestions for me. I've caught the reading bug again!


  1. i think you will love the end of mockingjay. trust me it gets better, but its still not as good as the other 2 but i did like ending a lot.

  2. I have only made it through the first book. Just thought I'd give it a try as it was a 'lender' on Kindle Fire. LOVE IT! Will read #2 on Feb. 1. Thanks for the alert on #3. Sounds like the author did not know how to end the series!? Will still read it.
    I love the reading bug, its the only bug I really like! ha! Thanks!!

  3. I didn't like the third at all, but the rest were great!

  4. I agree with Chantal. I didn't care for the ending at all. I was glad when it was finished.

  5. I truly love these books, and they are the only books Ive ever seen my husband want to read lol. Im so sad I wont be seeing the movie for at least 6 months after it comes out

  6. Loved these books and I am beyond excited for the movie! I'm glad you gave them a second chance!

  7. I am just starting Mockinjay & I loved the first two. Being snowed in at our home let me get caught up on reading the series- so excited now for the movies!

  8. I really enjoyed Divergent and I think the 2nd book comes out in May. I just started Delirium and it is pretty good too. Not as good as the Hunger Games but still good.