Monday, January 16, 2012

Toddlers and Tiarras/Dance Moms

I don't know why I have become addicted to these shows. I think the moms are all living through their daughters and the majority of the kids are going to grow up to be such brats. Yet every Wednesday I tune in

What bothers me about Toddlers and tiarras is mostly the moms. Most are severely overweight, rude, obnoxious and are taking these pageants too seriously. C'mon dressing up your six year old in a meat bikini like Lady Gaga, telling your nine year old to push her candy cart onstage like a hooker in new York! Seriously

And who doesn't get a laugh over Watching these huge woman standing behind the judges hootin and hollering and flapping their arms about. Yes these women should be the ones onstage.

I'm not even going to mention the bribes they give their kids to participate. I'll buy you a puppy afterwards, how about 100 dollars if you go onstage and smile. Oh and let's not forget the mom who gives her three year old a bottle of mountain dew to get her pageant ready

And while I thought toddlers and tiarras was bad Dance Moms is worse! The dance instructor is another obese woman who probably hasn't laced up her dance shows in years. Yet she tells the kids to get off the couch and stop eating potato chips( hey she should take her own advice) tells one kiddo her mom doesn't care about her because she has to work and constantly tells them they are replaceable.

Now I danced for 18 years and if an instructor ever talked to me like this woman talks to these kids my mom would have yanked me outta her dance studio so fast

Don't get me wrong I debated putting Gianna in pageants. I have plenty of friends that put their kids in pageants. Friends that are not obese, not living through their daughters and avoid the glitz pageants because of the drama.

But the woman on these shows are just awful. I don't know how your teaching your child she is beautiful when you severely change their appearance to be presentable on stage. I get heavy makeup due to the lighting, but flippers, wigs, spray tans and fake nails on a 3 year old. These are kids for gosh sakes. Half of whom dont appear to want to be there

I'm all for teaching your children about healthy competition, striving to do their best and not going up. Those are all qualities and attributes that will help them in life. But at what price. At your child's happiness, at the cost of significantly damaging your relationship with them at a later date.pne I don't know about you but my mom and I would not have had much of a relationship later on in life if she was competing with me

Obviously these shows are just that. A tv show who strive to find that stereotypical pageant mom for our entertainment and you never know how much editing plays a part in what you see

I just know that when Gianna grows up she won't need a fake tan or nails to be beautiful and that all that matters is her complete happiness. No crown or award is worth belittling and degrading my daughter

What are your thoughts on these shows

And again I'm not knocking pageants or anything like that. Just the show and what is portrayed on the show!

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