Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Birthday Wish List

With my birthday coming up next month I decided to create myself a wish list.

Love this Jessica Simpson handbag

After I lose all this baby weight I'm buying these jeans

Again something for after I lose this baby weight

Love these boots

An Ipad!

Isn't this ring gorgeous. And it's lovebug's birthstone. I'm in heaven

I can dream right...

Now for more realistic options

I would love a Me day. Heck I'd take an hour where I could do whatever I wanted, nap, read a book, whatever. Without the baby crying for my attention or the hubs asking me a million questions. Aint gonna happen

And I really need to ask for this since Lovebug doesn't nap. At all

In all reality I will just ask for target and barnes and nobles gift cards. I'm boring but it's fun to wish for things! If only money grew on tree's

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