Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Where do the weekends go? They always seem to fly by. It always seems the hubs and I plan on a lazy weekend at home and that never happens! This weekend was no exception

Friday- Gianna woke up at 5am with a 102.1 fever. I hate the day after shots. She spent most of her day sleeping and I enjoyed an afternoon of relaxing and reading which never happens since Lovebug does not like to nap!
Hubs got off work early and we spent the rest of the afternoon and night relaxing. We ordered chinese food from our favorite restaurant and enjoyed a date night in. It was great

Saturday- Lovebug had us up early so we planned on laying around on the couch all day. Until the hubs found that a house we had looked at prior to buying this one was still on the market. And he called the realtor to meet usx so we could take a look. The house was breathtaking. Def our dream home. But it's been on the market 6 years. Never occupied and we want to know why. Although we have no intention of selling our house yet, it was still fun to look. After that we looked drove through other neighborhoods and imagined where we could see living best with our family. It's fun to dream of the future! After that we headed home, made dinner and watched the Ides of March. Ehh not as great of movie as I thought it would be.

Sunday-Gianna was up bright and early again. My kid seriously does not like sleeping!We spent the morning lounging around playing with her and then headed to the hospital to visit some friends who had a baby boy the day before. I def was hit with the baby bug again although we will wait a bit before trying for number 2. Although if it was up to the hubs I'd be barefoot and pregnant again!
After visiting our friends we drove into Destin and did a little window shopping. After coming home we played some more with Gianna and enjoyed a nice eve3ning at home

Pretty low key but went by fast as usual. We find out today if the hubs will be gone the month of february for a training class. Nothing like going back to reality after a great weekend


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend :)
    Funny you say Destin, that's close to where we live as well...well not super close but around the area :)

  2. Hi Katie, I'm a new follower! I love the name Gianna! You have such a good looking family. Congrats- look forward to more. :)