Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's been a long week!

It's only Wednesday and boy has this week dragged.

Sunday my parents left and I just felt empty all day. Like I told my husband I love our life here in Florida but its very isolating. I know only a handful of people and although I try to stay as busy as possible with Gianna some days I find myself really missing my family and friends in Wi. I guess them leaving Sunday brought up a whole mess of emotions. It also doesn't help that my dear friend "Flo" returned after a year long break. Que a wide rash of emotions! The poor hubby

Then yesterday morning I woke up with what I thought was a UTI. I felt better as the day progressed but this morning it was worse. I went to urgent care and sure enough a UTI is what I have. I hurried to Walmart to get my prescriptions filled and the tricare system was down. So either I could pay full price for two prescriptions or wait for the insurance system to start working. I will wait for the insurance system to be up and running since I'm going to have to pay out of pocket for my urgent care visit. It's going on 5 and the system still isn't running which means I still don't have my meds. I feel awful!

And my happy, sunny baby has been so crabby and clingy this week! I can't leave her sight for a minute without her freaking out. She needs to be held or close by me at all times. And when the hubby's home she still wont calm down with him. Sigh. I just feel helpless when she gets like this. Poor baby

On a happier note I started making Gianna her own baby food today. She has had sweet potatoes and I made bananas and peas for the next few weeks. My mil got me the baby bullet and I love it. I can't wait to make her more. As of now I'm still mostly breastfeeding and she gets one meal a day. I think though tomm I will start a serving of oatmeal in the morning and then another food at night. When did my baby girl get so big

My Mops group starts meeting up again tomorrow after a break for the holidays and next week I'm checking out another mommy group that has a book club, coupon club and more get together's. I can't wait to check them out

Score- my sweet hubs just walked in with my prescription. He had to pay full price but I guess next week I can bring in my receipts and get a refund when the system is back up.

I'm off to go cuddle with my cranky baby before hopefully being able to relax and read tonight

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  1. THe American medical system sounds so complicated! I'm glad you got your meds, though, living with a UTI sucks!