Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To Concieve or Not to Concieve

If you would have asked me 5 months ago when M and I were going to have children, my response would have been not for 4 more more years, when I'm 30. However, if you ask me now the answer is a little different

Let me explain. When M and I first got engaged we talked about whether or not we wanted kids. We both came to the conclusion that we would wait until I was at least 30 and then if it happened it happened and if it didn't, well it didn't. Don't get me wrong, I love kids. I work with kids everyday but as far as being a parent, that was something I was always on the fence on. Until recently that is

It all started in October, M was gone for training for a few weeks and I went to a good friend of ours birthday party for her son who was turning one. At this party, something just clicked, somehow I knew I was ready to have kids. When M came back of course I discussed this with him. The look of shock on his face was priceless. I'm still surprised he didn't run for the hills!

So I did what every other girl does who is ready to have a baby. We hung out with all of our couples friends who had children and I made sure to hold the babies, play with the kid's and make sure M saw all of this, hoping that seeing me hold a baby would make him want one. I think it just made him think I was crazy. It didn't help that all of my friends recently started getting pregnant. M was not too thrilled. After a discussion between us I agreed to wait a few more years

I am not as crazy as I'm sure I sound in this post. I know that children are hard work and not just some cute little accessory you can hand off to their parents. Trust me, as a behavioral therapist I've seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. I just finally came to that point in my life where I am ready to have kid's which is something I had never really considered before

And I def am not the type to throw away my birth control and trick my hubby into getting pregnant. I respect M's decisions to wait. I will be turning 26 in February, I can wait until I'm 30.

Plans changed after being home for the holiday's. After two days of spending time with our niece, M pulled me aside and said that he just wanted to wait a year and then we could try. He even announced this to our families. Kinda of embarrassing, but very exciting. Yesterday, after we arrived back in NC we had another talk about it and M discussed his fears of being a parent. He grew up in a household that wasn't very hands on in raising him or his sister and M is afraid he won't be a good parent to our child. M is amazing with kids. He will def be the fun parent!

So after officially deciding that in a year's time we will start trying for a baby. We made a plan. Our goal is to save as much as possible and pay off all of our debt. This year we are putting ourselves on a strict budget. I know we can do it! And as the self proclaimed nerd that I am, I went out and bought the book What to Expect Before Your Expecting. I am the type of person that reads up on anything and everything and will buy a book on just about every topic I am interested in so I figured I better start now!!!


  1. My sister in law loved the "Mother of All Pregnancy Books" so you may want to check that out too!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my site! Your blog is very cute and it!

  3. How exciting to be making these plans :) It's a great feeling knowing what you want as far as kids go. You will be so happy that you will have your debt paid off before you have kids. We didn't and still working on it.

  4. Thanks for finding my blog! I will say though, several ppl have told me "what to expect" freaked them out because it gave every worse case scenario. I have "your pregnancy week by week" (Target I know carries it) and I love it. Just a thought!