Thursday, December 17, 2009

Recap/About Me

Since I am new to this whole blog I decided to write about past events to catch everyone up.
So from now on I'm going to focus on current things going on in my life instead of talking about past events.
Here is more information about me...
-I am a 25(soon to be 26) year old Army Wife. I have been living in North Carolina for 8 months now. My husband who I shall call "M" has been home for these past 8 months and life couldn't be better. We are finally starting our lives together enjoying being newlyweds finally. We are looking forward to celebrating our first christmas together and will be going to Wisconsin to celebrate the holiday's with our families. This will be M's first time going home in 2 years so we are looking forward to seeing everyone
-I am a proud mom to two fur babies: A black lab named Kenzie and a yellow lab named April.
-I am a behavioral therapist who works with children with autism. My job can be challenging at times but every one of my kiddo's hold a special place in my heart
-We recently moved into a new apartment and are enjoying decorating our home together
-I love reading and will read just about anything. So if anyone has any suggestions let me know
-I am addicted to shopping and need my husband to monitor me at the mall!
-I love finally being able to be a wife. I love cooking and cleaning and getting things for our house. All those little things we missed out on during our first year of marriage when M was deployed
-My favorite thing to do is curl up with the hubby and watch movies
-I love chinese food and could eat it everyday
-I need to start working out more but work and school have been crazy these past few months
-I miss my family and friends back home but love my life as a military wife and wouldn't change it for the world

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