Friday, December 18, 2009

A NewlyWed Christmas

This Christmas is very special to me as it's our first Christmas together as a married couple. Tomorrow we leave for Wisconsin where both of our families live. We are excited to be going home, as M hasn't been home for the holiday's in two years and I'm still getting used to living far away from my family

M and I decided not to exchange gifts this year and instead save up our money so we could go on a trip for our birthday's coming up in February. However, I decided that on my quest to create the perfect Christmas and start our own traditions, I wanted to get M something he has been asking for and then surprise him on Christmas morning when we are opening up gifts with my family

I knew M wanted a Craftsman tool set and a shop vac. Since I am your typical girly girly, I called my Dad for help who thankfully went shopping for me! I was ecstatic. My Christmas surprise for M was going according to plan.

However, yesterday as we were figuring out how much money to take to WI and how many more Christmas gifts we needed to buy an argument arose. M's check is direct deposited on the 1st and 15th of each month. Mine is sent in the mail so it takes a little bit longer. Our bank allows us to do a deposit from home but only to M's account. Normally we use M's check to pay the bills and mine is used for groceries and things we need and then we split it up between the two of us for gas and such. However today M decided to keep all the money in his account so he knew how much we had going into the long drive home and he could budget out our trip. I asked for some money which led to him asking what it was for. I was shocked, it was my paycheck after all and he never questioned what I needed money for. That's why we have two separate accounts and split up my check. So basically as we argued over money and what I needed it for I ended up having to tell him I owed my Dad for picking up M's Christmas presents.

After revealing what I needed the money for I became your neurotic, emotional wife, I started crying and complaining that our first Christmas was ruined and it was all his fault. Over the top I know, but I really wanted this Christmas to be special. Was it so wrong that I tried to keep something a secret?

I realize that he was just trying being smart with our money so that when we get to Wisconsin we can do all the things we want to do and he also knows that when my Mom and I get together we shop till we drop. At the moment however, I didn't want to hear any reason. I was mad and I was going to pout about it

After this fight we did what everyone says not to do. We went to bed angry. I hate sleeping next to my hubby when we are both laying as far away from each other as possible and trying our best not to touch each other. I didn't sleep at all. This morning however, we were able to resolve our fight and communicate like two rational adults instead of like two 5 year olds.

I realize that M is anxious to go home as it has been two years since his last visit and he his excited to see his family.Tensions are also high due to the fact that we have two families we have to spend time with and plan our time accordingly between the two so no one gets hurt. It shall be interesting to say the least. My parents try to monopolize our time and so does his. When we get back we will probably need a vacation after a vacation

As things have calmed down between the hubby and I, I am still excited for Christmas and the celebrations and traditions that we will be creating together as a couple and with our families. And we still have the matching pajamas to wear on Christmas morning!!

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