Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Vacation

Who would have thought that a week would not be enough time to see family and friends. We have only been in Wisconsin for two days and have the rest of our weeks planned. Already our families are complaining that they aren't seeing enough of us. Here is our crazy schedule.

Today-Spa day with my mom. Then out to dinner with M's aunt and uncle

Wednesday- Lunch with the in-laws. Class and Dinner with my best friend and her hubby

Thursday-Christmas Eve: Heading to my grandma's in the morning as it is to hard for her to leaver her house. Dinner at my parent's house with my dad's side of the family. Then off to midnight mass

Friday-Opening presents at my parents, then heading to my sister in laws to watch my three year old niece open presents. Headed to the in law's for dinner

Saturday- Visiting my first kiddo I ever worked with as a behavioral therapist. I cannot wait to see how far my kid has come in the past year! Then spending our last night in town with my family

Sunday-Lunch with the in laws and then heading home

We have a crazy few days ahead of us. But so worth it to see our family and friends!

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