Monday, December 21, 2009

Bah Humbug! School needs to be over!!

As I sit at home with my family and hubby in Wisconsin you would think I would be spending time with them and relaxing. Wrong

I am studying and taking exams for school. I am currently enrolled at the Florida Institute of Technology working on my Applied Behavior Analysis Certification. The program is broken down into 3 courses each consisting of 7 units. The first course I loved and passed with flying colors. This course however is proving difficult. It is all about graphing, taking data and interpreting data. This is not my strong suit and since I take the classes online, it is very hard for me to learn the material the way they present it. My instructor is dry and boring so when he lectures on such dry and boring material my ADHD kicks in and I start zoning off.

When I started this course I didn't think it would be a problem. M was going to be away for 2 months training so I figured I would have all the time in the world to work on school. However I had also just picked up hours at work and my work week now consisted of Monday-Saturday's 8am-7pm. Having to watch over 30 videos a week for school, each over 30 minutes long was becoming impossible. Two weeks after the course started M returned. This decreased my motivation for school even more. Throw in moving into the mixed and I was one stressed out cookie.

I thought things would calm down after the move but getting ready to come up to Wisconsin and trying to finish up things for work before hand continued to make actually doing my school work impossible. To make matters worse, I have an exam today, an online meeting the day before Christmas and 15 videos to watch by the end of this week. Doesn't FIT know that it's Christmas and that this week should be spent with family.

Being a military spouse, I know how precious time is. Last year for the holiday's my hubby was deployed. This year we are finally together, for our first Christmas and I am doing school work. I'm up in Wisconsin visiting my family who I haven't seen in almost a year and I'm studying. I am one pissed off military spouse and when it comes time to write up my course evaluation it is not going to be a good one.

When a school makes you choose them over spending time with your loved ones, I chose my spouse and family. You never know what next year may bring, M could be deployed, working on the holiday's,or we may not get leave to visit our families. So I am going ot enjoy every precious minute spent with my Hubby and family. I guess this means I will be getting up extra early just to watch the video's and cram in studying but what's more important to me is spending time with the hubby and finally spending our first Christmas together. FIT needs to get their priorities straight! I cannot wait for this course to be over

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