Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why I Could Never Be A Fashion Blogger

This past Saturday my friends took me out for my 30th birthday. The details of the event were a surprise so when it came to figuring out what to wear I was clueless. In Florida it's the time of year I most hate. The weather is constantly changing. One day it's 75 the next 40 and rainy. Some days you wake up and it's 30 so you leave the house in jeans and a sweater and an hour or two later it's in the 70's. It makes outfit planning hard! I also was told to wear something that was casual yet dressy but with comfortable shoes.
That threw me for a loop. When I'm not wearing flip flops I wear my uggs, boots or high heels. Clearly all my shoe options were out. So about four hours before my ride was picking me up for the party I started going through my closest. I tried on everything and anything. No luck. Then I enlisted the husband's help. He liked what I did not like and vice versa. I then tried to get him to take pictures of me so I could text some options to my friends for some other opinions.
After taking 3 pictures of me in 3 different outfits. he threw the camera down, shouted I'm not your gay boyfriend and sat down to play Call of duty. Obviously to make a point about his manliness!
Here are the lovely pictures my gay boyfriend took
He's an amazing photographer right!
But besides the lack of professional photographer I have figured out I am just not trendy anymore. I mean I try to be but I've determined my style is best suited for cooler weather climates. In Wi I always looked cute. I'd get up, shower, through on a pair of black leggings, a cute sweater and some boots and I'd call it a day. I loved that! Basically  my style  involves outfits that look like this
And when you live in Fl where it's hot pretty much year round it's impossible to wear the clothes I want to wear
I've decided that living in Florida makes it hard to be fashion forward. Well living in Florida and being the mom of two toddlers makes it hard to be fashion forward. I spend my days at the park, playing in the backyard or at the beach.
If I posted pictures of what I wore every day you'd either see me in yoga pants, a swimsuit or shorts and a tank top. Pretty basic, nothing trendy or super cute about it. When the husband is home I do try and change it up a bit and will sport some cute maxi dresses during the summer months but that's as far as I go.
It's my goal this summer to find some clothes that are perfect for a day at the park but still fashionable. And cheap. I hate spending a ton of money on clothes!
So that is why I can never be a fashion blogger. I shop at basic stores, wear shorts and flip flops both days and have a husband that refuses to take pictures of me even when I am sporting a really cute outfit out of the ordinary

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  1. You and me both! Once in a blue moon a piece of clothing comes from an online boutique...but it's rare. That and I'm not stick thin :) haha
    I often wonder how these girls talk their boyfriends or husbands into taking a dozen photos of them every.single.day.