Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday

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I'm sure most of you have seen Frozen by now. We love this movie in our house and have listened to nothing but the soundtrack in our car since November! However, did you all hear the rumor that Elsa is gay and Let it Go is her coming out song? What ever happened to just watching a movie for pure enjoyment instead of having to analyze it to the tenth degree. But that's a whole other blog post coming to you next week

Two! The hubby was supposed to deploy again this week. But the army pushed it back for a few more weeks. You would think that would make me happy. Nope, I was mad. I was already in deployment mode, preparing for him to be gone and ready to get this deployment started and over with. Now I have to go through everything again. Preparing for him to leave, the sadness of his upcoming departure and then the goodbye! I know this may make me sound heartless, I swear I am not. But I hate dragging out the enevitable. I had come to terms with this deployment and was ready for it and now I'm back to being sad about it. Gotta love military life

I started these books because I knew the movie is coming out soon. And I can not get into it. Everyone else has loved it and has told me they devoured the series in a matter of days. Not me. To me this book is a crosss between the Hunger Games, The Give and every other dystopian book out there. I can't do it. Maybe I will just see the movie and never finish reading the books
Gianna loves when I dance with her. It's a nightly ritual in our house. Yesterday while Ethan napped and I was desperate to get Gianna to nap I turned on the movie Center Stage in the hopes that Gianna would pass out due to boredom of watching "Mommy's Show" As I watched the movie I remembered my dance days. I could leap like no other! I decided to try and show Gianna my switch side leap, the one I was known for on my dance team for my amazing height. I never took into account that I was known for that when I was 17 and danced every day. Not 30 who can't recall the last time she worked out. So I got up and started running down the hallway to prepare myself for the leap. I threw myself in the air, lifted my legs and felt my hip pop. By the time I landed on the ground I had a shooting pain running down my left leg. Today I can barely move it. Gianna wasn't impressed and I learned a valuable lesson. I am old!
Five! This weekend we will finally be putting together Gianna's big girl room. Maybe this means she will actually sleep in her own room for a change. Although I know the first night she stays in her bed all night long I will probably wake up sad knowing that that's just one more step towards Gianna growing up


  1. I haven't seen Frozen yet! I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD :)

  2. You know when Kyle was told he wasn't deploying I was really mad. When you prepare for something and then its gone it is really frustrating.

  3. I am so sorry to hear the deployment was delayed and you're NOT heartless!! Days leading up to leaving are awkward and emotional!