Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Thoughts on the Bachelor

I know I'm a day late posting my Bachelor review but I didn't get to watch the After the Rose ceremony to this morning. This season I only tuned into the Bachelor sporadically. I wasn't a fan of Juan Pablo when he was on the Bachelorette but figured I'd give his season a try. Ugh. What a train wreck. I thought most of the woman on this season were young and immature. And I felt no connection whatsoever with Juan Pablo. In truth he bored me. I found myself fast forwarding a lot of the episodes I had recorded. I must say, this season may have turned me off of the Bachelor forever.

I have been a huge fan of the series since day 1. Some of my favorites include Andrew Firestone, Jen, Molly and Jason Mesnick, Melissa and that football player whose name I can't recall right now. I can remember watching Jason's proposal to Melissa at work, anxious awaiting the bombshell the commercials teased that was going to occur during the after the rose ceremony. Although I was disgusted with both Jason and Molly( I had heard horrible things about Molly since she worked with a friend of mine) yet I turned into their televised wedding and cried buckets. They seemed genuine in their love for each other and truly happy together. Melissa as well has a awesome hubby and another baby on the way. It is proof that while the Bachelor is just a tv show, some people do find their soul mates. During Sean's season friends and I had weekly get togethers to watch his story unfold. I loved Sean. He seemed like the perfect guy. Honest, open, warm, good looking, athletic and I loved that he was open about  his religious beliefs and stood by them despite the temptation of the fantasy suite. Although not a fan of Catherine friends and I gathered at my house to watch Sean's final rose ceremony as we shouted and cheered when he proposed. I also tuned into the wedding despite my wishing he had picked someone else. I did however feel the talk about waiting till marriage and wedding night got old after awhile. I thought it became more about the publicity than about sharing and sticking to your beliefs. And Catherine kept going on and on about it. We get it. Everyone out there gets it. Your going to have Sex. On your wedding night. Shocker. I think it just became a ploy to extend their 10 minutes of fame. But hey, whatever works. And at least there is one couple out there willing to talk about waiting till the wedding night to do the deed.  I can also appreciate him not slutting it up and sleeping with three different women in a matter of days. I can totally respect that

But on to Juan Pablo once more. What a scuz ball. He was absolutely horrible to watch during the After the final rose. I mean in previous episodes his own parents talked bad about him and his character and he had countless contestants state the same thing. His attitude towards Chris Harrison was appalling and I don't know why Nicki is still with him. Honey you deserve a guy who will tell you he loves you

Now I think its commendable that he didn't propose when he clearly didn't feel the same way she did. I totally believe that before a marriage proposal you should spend time with someone in the real world. Not in a fantasy one where your dates involve jet setting it across the country to exotic locations and where a stylist is always on hand. Spend a few days with someone in their sweat pants when they have the flu and then decide if they are the one for you. But I digress. I feel that the show in general has become more about promoting the drama and ratings then helping someone find true love. Every season is the same. They go on amazing trips, a previous contestant always comes back with some sort of surprise, one person quits halfway through, someone is only on there for the fame and someone has a significant other back home that no one knows about. Blah Blah Blah. I'm over it and Juan Pablo was just the icing on the cake
 His attitude was horrible and you can tell that Chris, the producers and the audience did not care for him at all. I don't know why he even agreed to go on the Bachelor if he was unwilling to discuss the show and his relationship after the fact. Isn't that all part of a reality show? The after the rose special was so awkward to watch and he just came off as a dirty pig. I doubt this couple will make it but hopefully she wizens up and leaves him before she gets her heart broken!

What did you all think of Juan Pablo? Will you be tuning into the next season of the Bachlor/

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