Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Awesome Parents Sing Frozen!

When the Grammy's were on a few weeks ago my husband and I tuned in to watch. And it wasn't surprising to me that I hardly knew any of the songs that were performed or up for awards. I guess that Royal's song has been around for awhile.
When I told my friend's how I didn't know any of the songs they laughed at me and asked why. In truth, I haven't listened to anything other than the frozen cd since we bought it the day the movie came out back in November. And if the Frozen soundtrack isn't playing some other Disney movie or Bubble Guppies episode is being played on the car's dvd player. It is very rare when I actually get to listen to the radio
And to be totally honest, I'm ok with that. Even before kids I was a huge Disney fan and I need no excuse to turn on the Frozen cd and belt out the words to the song as loud as I can. Gianna and I have a singing(shouting) match while Ethan kicks his feet along to the beat and laughs at us.
Now anytime I get in the car Gianna asks me to sing and dance. I have totally become that mom at the stop sign who is waving her arms about singing as loud as I can to Let it go! Ahh parenthood. One thing motherhood has taught me is that you can't take yourself too seriously anymore
I saw this video posted on someone's facebook page and just had to share. My husband and I have also been known to bust out a duet  to the point where Gianna tells us to stop. We are well on our way to being those embarrassing parents. So watch this video for a laugh. This couple is so cute and their daughter's lack of enthusiasm is hilarious. Plus I want this mom's top!!

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