Thursday, March 20, 2014

An Ode to My Husband

We are just a few short weeks away from our 6 year wedding anniversary. 6 years! How is that possible? It seems like just yesterday I was flying down to Key West to marry the man of my dreams
And what a 6 years they have been. We have had some amazing times, and some horrible times. It is true what they say, marriage takes work. And lot's of it. Yet there is no one I would rather spend my life with than him
He is truly my best friend, soul mate and the most amazing father ever. He is  the yin to my yang. Where I am emotional and expressive he is stoic and level headed. Where I can be spacy and easily distracted, he is calm and organized.
We are similar in many ways as well. We both are avid reader's, share the same family and moral values and think that the best thing in life is spending time with our two little minions.
We also tend to be equally stubborn and hotheaded. An argument over whose turn it is to give the kids a bath can go on for days!
It's in those moment's that I have to laugh over how truly different we really are. And 6 years in it still takes some getting used to.
It's funny how different two people can be when it comes to the simplest things. I broke it down into categories to give you an example
On Cleaning The House
I can spend my whole day scrubbing the floors, wiping down the counters, picking up toys and vacuuming only to have my husband come home and throw his work stuff every which way all over my clean house. It is at that moment, while I'm glaring at his workbag on my freshly polished kitchen counter that he usually says something sweet like, Oh I see you didn't wash the baseboards.
My personal favorite happened a few weeks ago. When it comes to chores in our house it is truly  the 1950's around here. I do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry. Well he does his own laundry so that helps out a little bit. And in truth I don't mind our set up. I stay at home and he works so it's only fair I do the majority of the stuff around the house. The inside of the house. The outside is his domain. Anyway, after a month straight of everyone in the house having the flu the house was quite disgusting. Laundry was piled everywhere, the sink was overflowing with dirty dishes and the bathrooms hadn't been scrubbed in forever. So I got to work one Sunday and got to it. I had everything done except folding all 8 loads of laundry. I turned on the walking dead and dumped all the clothes onto the floor ready to start folding and assuming my husband would help. He sat on the couch, looked at the laundry and did nothing. Nothing. I finished the laundry and then got consumed with searching for something. I asked my husband to come help me and our search led to our guest bedroom which has become the dumping ground of random crap. As he muttered and complained under his breath I heard him say, Looks like the guest room won't be cleaned until the next time we move. Men, always so helpful and supportive. Nothing is stopping him from cleaning out the guest room! Maybe he should help with the laundry next time. Then I may have more time to actually get to the guest room
On Babies
During my whole pregnancy with Gianna my husband swore he would get up with me in the middle of the night for every feeding. That lasted about one night and that was our first night home from the hospital. Since I was nursing I cut him some slack and let it go. But when he complained about how he couldn't sleep at night or had to get up so early for work I was totally unsympathetic. When Ethan was born he deployed shortly after so once again he missed out on the midnight feedings. When he came home  Ethan was 6 months and all formula fed. I totally expected my husband to step right up to the plate and take over all his middle of the night feedings. Let's just say I'm still waiting for that to happen. And both kids now sleep through the night and don't wake up to eat so it looks like I will still be waiting. At least he has the decency to tell people that he never got up with either kid in the middle of the night
On Working
Obviously my husband works alot and is away from our family often. I ever want to downplay how hard is job is and I am so proud of all that he has accomplished. I also know that everything he does is for us and I can't even imagine doing what he does every day. That being said I know he thinks that being a SAHM is a walk in the park. He has no idea. When I tell him I've had a bad day and he asks why I know he finds it hard to believe that a day could be frustrating when it was spent at the park or the zoo. Before kids maybe it was enjoyable. With kids, although enjoyable it's not easy. I have to pack a bag full of diapers, wipes, snacks and drinks to last us the entire outing. I have to maneuver the stroller and two kids in and out of the car and then dealing with the constant fighting and whining. And don't get me started on grocery shopping. I love when my husband says something like How hard is it to go get an oil change with the kids, or hey can you run to the store and pick this up for me.  I guess when you've never taken the kids on an outing by yourself you truly don't know what it's like.
I could go on and on. And let me just once again state that although the above rants may seem like I'm portraying him as some lazy husband and father, I'm not. In his defense in the last 3 years he's barely been home six months. And while it's funny in how we each handle and expect things to go he is my biggest supporter and always lets me know that while my baseboards may not be clean, I am the best mom and wife in the world
Love and miss you babe

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  1. Our 6 year anniversary is in June and time sure does fly by!