Sunday, March 16, 2014

Making Bathtime Fun

I am pretty fortunate that both my kids love the water and run to the bathroom the minute I start the bath water going. However they both went through this phase around 15 months where they hated having their hair and bodies washed. The minute I would come near them with the pelican water bucket we had they would start screaming bloody mary! It was crazy. Then a few weeks ago I was contacted by Nuby to try out a few of their products.  I saw they had a tear free rinse pail and immediately chose that along with some few other bath items and bath time has once again become scream and pain free. Here are the key ingredients to making bath time fun for your kiddo's.

1. Prepare yourself. I usually start running the bath water while the kids are finishing up dinner. If I wait to start it when they are all nakey and ready to go they try climbing into the tub or have a fit if they can't get into the bathroom. So I line up everything I need, get the towels and washcloths out,  turn on the water, let the kids finish eating, turn off the water,  get the kids undressed and scoot them right into the bathroom where the water is a nice medium temperature and full of loads of bubbles

Getting all our fun new bath items ready
 Bath Time Fun! I loved Nuby's Floating Animals. During bath time the kids and I always sing silly songs and play and one of them is always Old Mcdonald. I swear the kids learned all their animal sounds from bath time. Gianna especially is on a animal kick and had so much fun playing with them in the tub. Then of course we had to decorate the shower walls. We also worked on colors and Gianna had a blast pointing out the animals, colors and imitating their sounds. The turtle is the only one we had no sound for

My teething one year old loved using these as teething toys. Serving dual purposes! I like that!
After play time it's time for the dreaded hair washing. Instead of pulling out our horror inducing pelican bucket I pulled out the no tear rinse pail. And went to work. Success!

No screaming, no tears and no soap or water in the eyes. I def recommend that you get this pail. It will save you so much trouble. When I pull out the shampoo bottle and tell the kids it's time to rinse they stand their willingly instead of freaking out! Now excuse it's bathtime in our house

For more information on Nuby and there products click here

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  1. It's so nice to see that kids find bathing fun because of those stuff. I love it. Bathing time could be fun time as well. Love it.

    military spouse