Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Best Day

Yesterday was one of those beautiful days of mommyhood. Now that the furlough is over the Blue Angels are back to performing and opening their practice sessions to the public. I knew the kids would love it so Wednesday morning we got up bright and early, packed a lunch and headed to the Navy Base in Pensacola. We got there early and were able to score seats along the flight line. Surprisingly the kids did amazing waiting over an hour for the show to start. Once the show started however the kids were riveted

Gianna was standing up in the stroller holding her baby up to see and shouting with delight. I had to blink back a tear or to as I watched her face light up in excitement. And I busted with pride when everyone kept commenting on how smart, active and attentive she was for a 2 year old. And Ethan did amazing sitting in the stroller, watching as the planes flew overhead.

After the show we walked down to the Pensacola Lighthouse and had a picnic lunch. We had met up with some friends and the kids laughed and played while we sat and talked, laughing at our kids antics
After lunch we went back to the Navy museum in the hopes that the crowd of 20,000 had cleared a bit. Luckily it had and the kids got to be air traffic controller's for the afternoon since the museum also had an indoor playground for the kids designed to look just like an air traffic control station. They had a blast and I think we found our new weekly tradition!

The kids passed out on the car ride home so now I am enjoying some mommy time and reflecting on the day. Win win for everyone

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  1. I am so glad that you got to enjoy a day like this! :)