Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Royal Baby

I don't know why but I love the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

I will never forget watching their wedding coverage while getting my glucose test done when pregnant with Gianna. And now I can't help but smile and wipe tears from my eyes as I look at pictures or watch coverage of the royal baby

For I can all too clearly remember what it's like to give birth. The rush of emotions, the overwhelming love you feel for that little bundle of joy. The elation and exhaustion. And the fear of bringing a new baby home

That Oh shit, we are now parents feeling as you load up your child in the car for their very first car ride.

I remember when Gianna was
Born, how I sat in the backseat with her clutching her car seat and checking to make sure she was breathing every five minutes. After we arrived home she was still blissfully asleep and the bins and I sat down to eat a meal a friend had dropped off. I will never forget how he reached for my hand across the table, us both simultaneously bursting into tears. Full of emotion and unable to fully express our feelings in words

Then 15 months later, after Ethan was born. That same rush of emotion but more relaxed this time. As if we were seasoned pros. No lack of emotion but more self assurance that we would be the best parents we could possibly be

So as I watch the Duchess and Duke, her looking begone exhausted and happy. Him thrilled with his new baby I can't help but smile. For I have been there and know exactly what they are feeling. And I look at them and think, they got this.

Now I'm off to persuade the hubby to try for baby number 3!

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  1. I'm trying to convince the hubs for number 3, too!! This royal baby is only fueling my baby fever! Too bad the hubs is 6 hours away at camp Robinson for the next 10 days and annual training is next month during "the time"... Maybe the army would allow a conjugal visit if I drove to him??? ;)