Sunday, July 7, 2013

Baby, Maybe?

Lately I've had horrible baby fever. With Gianna's second birthday approaching and Ethan turning 9 months old soon I've been bitten with the baby bug

Yesterday we went down to Destin and hit up the outlet mall.
There were newborn babies everywhere. Oh my heart just ached. Seeing those little tiny bundles wrapped up in swaddle blankets made my heart swell

After I pondered my want for a third I realized it had more to do with my sadness over the swiftness of time. Just last year at this time I was at Carter's stocking up on clothes for my one year old and soon to be newborn. Now I'm shopping for a 2 year old and a almost 1 year old.

I longingly ached for my pregnant belly and feeling little guy move from within. I missed those lazy newborn days where nothing else matters but your precious bundle. Heck I even missed those sleepless nights and constant nursing sessions.

But as I really thought about adding a third I stopped. Things are getting easy now. Ethan and Gianna are able to play together somewhat, both are sleeping through the night( for the most part) and while Gianna is in the midst of the terrible two's, Ethan is in my favorite stage. He is a bundle of energy, always on the go with his personality emerging
More and more each day along with new skills he is mastering at a crazy pace. Life is good

And while I miss my babies, I am enjoying this new stage. And although cuddle sessions with Gianna are few and far between I will soak up every last moment of babyhood with Ethan. For if he is indeed my last baby I will cherish every second. All the while convincing the husband to try for number 3!

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  1. I also miss being pregnant. I'm not sure though my husband wants another.

  2. hahah GO FOR IT! I see you with three or four kiddos! ;)