Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our first family vacation

Last summer as we were preparing for my husband to leave we started discussing how important it would be for our family to take a family vacation after his deployment.
Our last official vacation was our honeymoon in 2009. So I'd say we were def overdue. Sure we had some weekend get aways and trips home to Wi to visit our families but to me those don't count as vacations.
To me a vacation is all about getting away from everything, getting time to unwind, reconnect and relax. Exactly what we needed after this deployment.
In January we started planning where we wanted to go. We tossed around going home to Wi but quickly tossed that out the window. When my husband left last July he left Gianna and myself. When he came home he came home to a six month old
Baby and a toddler. Lots of adjustments for everyone. We just wanted a trip for the four of us. Plus the drive to Wi was out of the question. 17 hours in the car with two young kids. Yikes. And flying was also out since that would have added to the cost of our trip. If we didn't have dogs flying would be fine. But let me tell you, the code of boarding two dogs each over 70 pounds for a week and a half is insane. Like two airplane tickets insane. So flying was a no go
I threw out the idea of Disney but the hubby wants to take the kids when they are older so they will remember it. I then suggested Sanibel Island, fl. It's further South from us here near Destin and still along the gulf coast. I went there numerous time with my family growing up and it is my absolute favorite place to go.
So Sanibel it was. I booked a condo at the resort I stayed at with my family and started packing and planning for this trip come April. We also decided to take advantage of Seaworlds free tickets for the military and planes to stop in Orlando for a few days before heading to Sanibel. Our first family trip was all set. Ill be back Tomm with pics from our trip and advice for traveling with two under two
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  1. That's awesome!! Hope you guys relax and enjoy!